Team NewsBarcelona coach Louis - Enrique squad will probably be announced in Beijing on Wednesday night. In addition to Douglas and Weiermalun injured, the rest in the players have took part in Tuesday's exercise, Montoya returned for the training ground.Villarreal coach Marcelino announced the squad, Fifa 16 Coins Cheap

Adrian - Martin, Jokic as well as the absence of striker Uche, who features a knee problem.Villarreal big list: Asenjo, Juan - Carlos, Mario, Rukavina, Hawu Mei - Costa, Victor - Ruiz, El Dorado, Moussa chio, Bruno, leather Carolina, Honasan - Dos Santos, Terry Gross, Qieliqiefu, Moi - Gomez, Wei Aituo, Gerald -

Moreno and Giovanni - Dos SantosCoach viewEnrique before reporters within the conference the 2 sides last league that features a certain reference value. But younger crowd asserted Barcelona need being improved in a few aspects:. We need to maintain consistency, you have to begin to determine the play than La Liga Villarreal place in additional effort Fifa 16 Coins Cheap

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