Supply Soy Powder Soybean Peptide/ Soya Peptides Powder

Supply Soy Powder Soybean Peptide/ Soya Peptides Powder / Soya Extract Beta Sitosterol 80%

Soybean peptide is the peptide mixture obtained through the separation and refinement of soy protein by means of acidic or enzymatic hydrolysis, which mainly contains micro-molecular peptides composed of 3 to 6 amino acids; it also contains a small amount of macromolecular peptides, free amino acids, sugars, inorganic salt and other ingredients. The molecular mass is below 1000. The protein content of soybean peptide is about 85%; its amino acid composition is the same as that of soy protein; the essential amino acids are of good balance and rich in content. Compared with soy protein, soy peptide is featured by high digestion and absorption rates, rapid energy supply, the physiological functions of lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and promoting fat metabolism, and good processability, such as, free of beany flavor, protein denaturation, and acid precipitation, noncondensing under heat, soluble in water, and good fluidity. It is an excellent material for making health foods.bitolterol powder

Soybean Peptide Powder is small molecules of protein very easy to be absorbed by human body. It's absorption rate is 20 times that of normal protein and 3 times that of amino acid. It is suitable for people with poor digestion,such as the eldly, postoperative recovery patients, radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients and people with gastrointestinal malfunction. The molecular weight is between 500~1000 dalton.
Fuction of Soybean peptide
1. Soy Peptide has the function of recovering fatigue quickly and strengthen muscles.
2. Soy Peptide can lower cholesterol level and reduce blood press.
3. Soy Peptide has the function of boosting immunity.
5.Application of Soybean peptide
1. Nutritional supplements
2.Health care products
3.Skin care products
4.Feed Additives
5.sports food and beverage
6.fermentation food
7.special diets for clinical nutrition

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