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Original Title: Strike While The Agent Is Hot

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Family,Mystery,Sci-Fi


































Max inherits the position of union negotiator between agents and CONTROL.
Agent 47 (Pat McCaffrie) has some important information on how KAOS is getting top secret information to their agents. But before he can tell Smart, he is gunned down by two KAOS agents (including Robert Karavelas, Agent Larabee in a mustache!) in a phone booth. Before he dies, he makes Smart swear to take over as labor negotiator for the male CONTROL agents union. He also leaves 86 with a dying clue: "The little red engine that huffed and puffed." Max of course goes whole hog in his new role as labor negotiator, finding entirely new ways to irritate the Chief. He constantly reminds the Chief that the union will go on strike and walk off at midnight, despite a pressing case.

There's a great scene where Max addresses a supposed roomful of CONTROL agents that no one can see since they are well disguised (except of course for K-13, Fang, who makes what amounts to a cameo appearance in this episode). Budd Grossman's excellent script is not only funny, but makes the way KAOS is passing along the information less obvious than expected. Max discovering what a better deal KAOS gives to their agents is very funny, as is the final scene where he has the drop on the KAOS villain until the clock strikes midnight.

A prime example of the series running on all 8 cylinders.

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