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In the playoffs, it's up to brown to figure it out. How to solve the problem of Simmons? The ball was destroyed by Simmons. There were so few assists, so few scores, right? Covid19 customized stickers decals The whole team played therefore badly. Relying on McConnell to support the scene and point guard let frog stage Miami Heat iron on letter number guard play so much water and stink, right? So. We said 76 team grenades to practice what you practice your short board ah, how to solve the problem if you play a bad case, you Detroit Pistons iron on patches are so hard to play the net, what face stab wheel to fight the Raptors or magic? Some people say that magic to turn over? OK, what qualifications do you have to play Raptors or. To perform magic? Is this the case? If you are eliminated in the second round or in the second circular, I think it is very likely this year, right? This kind of configuration of the 76ers group this year should enjoy the configuration of the finals, correct? If the second round of swimming is overturned, it will be fine. Talk to me, Peter Simmons, CD, when is the earth boarding? It can't be boarding. No, it's not a projection. Simmons has no long-range projection ability. How long can it take to train? How long can it be developed? Ah, it's really Tingwei. The 76ers, Celtics, 76ers and Simmons are worried that the NBA should not be taken care of. Fenbid has been formed and shaped. He is also a relatively excellent player. In the era of hate type of the League guards, the interior line can occupy this position. It's a good feeling. It's an excellent player.

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