SEO Beginner's Guide: How are results ranked in Google pages

Google employs more than 200 workers to rank site results in search engine pages. Only a few of these factors have been detected by Google, providing tips and guidelines, as well as free tools such as Google Search Console and Google analytics that help webmasters analyze results. And to find the best way to get an advanced ranking in the search engine results, as you read the article you will learn: What are the effects on the ranking of the site in the search engines, and how the results are ranked in the search engine pages, the most important tips provided through the experience at GoRizm.

What factors affect Google's ranking:

There are three major factors that undoubtedly affect Google's ranking of sites, and may be seen as not the basis, but the direction in which all Google updates are going to prove the opposite, but how ?! Google's interest is now one-way, which revolves around the entire SEO process, which is to satisfy the user from the moment they enter Google until they finish their tour in order to return again.

Site usability
User experience
Usability and user behavior

Why did we combine the two workers ?! Between usability and user behavior «Site usability, User experience» Before we answer you, we want you to ask yourself when the last time you found it difficult to use a site, and what problems encountered while browsing the site? You will certainly remember that you may have experienced a problem with the UI format with the site structure or slow loading, and you may have had trouble accessing the information you want due to unclear data placement. There is a close relationship between the user experience and the usability of the site, you may think it is not as important as other factors such as keywords that are the way to reach the public, or building backlinks (Backlink) and other key factors in the ranking of search engine results.

Let's agree on something! Building the structure of the site and placing keywords alone will not suffice. Google has developed artificial intelligence in the search engine, which has the ability to analyze the behavior of the public on the Internet and while browsing the sites, so the proper structure and proper construction of the site that makes it easier for the public to access information strongly affects the ranking Results in search engines, as we mentioned the user primarily in Google.

So put yourself in the audience, how do you want to look at the site when you enter? What is the appropriate construction you are looking for? When a site arrives for public convenience, make sure that it has become a trusted site for Google and will show all its results in every search associated with it you should pay close attention to this factor and make sure the quality of the site structure and user experience.

Content that offers interest to the user:

The relationship between a business and its audience starts from the keyword or keyword a user searches on the search engine to find the result that solves his or her problem. Search Engines Your site page must contain that keyword in addition to the attractive title that appears on the results page. Google based on the views of visitors on your site.

In order for your content to be considered good, you must choose the subject accurately and be appropriate for the public and easy to consume, to build the content structure professionally by dividing paragraphs and listing information in a way that the reader can consume, put the correct titles for each paragraph and write a beginning and conclusion containing a summary of the article in a few lines, to help Do not write an article just because it will bring you visits, the origin of writing content to be suitable for your industry and the public, do not forget to put important keywords in your content, and at the end of the content to Don't let the visitor know what to do, but do a call-to-action action, such as buying a product, subscribing to a mail message, sharing an article with friends, or a simple way of doing it is to give them new content to read like Also, the latest articles and other different methods of action.

Why Google is interested in content:

Google has now begun to judge content and its quality based on machine learning that mimics human behavior, and uses it to judge websites, in terms of user experience and overall “admiration” for a website. Panda's modernization has become smarter as you know, and it is now making many self-related decisions usually associated with humans.

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