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About This Game

SEEP Universe allows the exploration of four bizzarre planets, inspired by retro games.
Run, Jump and battle enemies through more than 20 stages for a 100% retro feeling. This is the game you have always dreamed of from the 16 bit era!
The battles against the bosses change the rules of the game. For example, in the first world you'll need to run away with a SEEP car from a huge boss.
This makes the game experience varied and intriguing!
You can also collect the SEEP Coins to unlock many secrets in the SEEPedia, a huge gallery where you can discover many secrets.


100% pixel art for a 100% retro feeling.
Original soundtrack product by Pedro Calquinha and André Marques, two professional
musicians, with the collaboration of Amadis Monteiro (drums).
Funny 8 bit sound effects.
Two characters in one with different skills.
Dynamic map for all worlds.
Various game level design.
SEEPedia, a room where you can unlock pictures, info and cheat with the SEEP money.
Many enemies to defeat.
Power Ups.
4 worlds and boss battle.
Various gameplay: platform, action, puzzle, racing and much more!
Free DLCs.
Secret stages to discover.
SEEP Shooter: excite two players co-op mode!
XInput and Direct Input controller support.

The Story:

A strange frequency from the videogame world has taken control of the universe. Four planets have been threatened by five obscure videogame bosses.
Each planet has its own army but this has been broken and now all the negative effects are woven together to create chaos.
SEEP, an indie developer team, has intercepted the code in the timeline that is causing the disaster. The problem seems to be the corruption of the source code of some old arcade systems, these can also teleport people from one place to another where the code is corrupted.
So the brothers Sergio and Enrico, members of SEEP, decide to go into action. Only they can save the universe by crossing through various arcade systems that have been hacked by a mysterious AI.


Title: SEEP Universe
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 15 Jul, 2015


seep universe

This game is really impressive - if it's 1985. But it's 2016. This is a poorly implemented, clunky 2D retro super mario ripoff, without the same level of endearing gameplay.

The Engrish is strong: "This game support the xinput controller" is the first thing the developers smack you in the face with. Telling you that it's not really aimed at the English market, and it's not aimed at the PC gaming market. Who's it for then? Confused Italians, is my best guess.

Graphics are terrible (it's been a long time since the NES came out - 30 years, in fact). So when your highest technological achievement is something that was surpassed 30 years ago, some introspection is badly needed.

Gameplay is weak - the only positive is the addition of co-op gaming on a single system (because apparently it's 1985 and networking protocols haven't been invented yet). It's a super mario ripoff with a push mechanic instead of a jump on head mechanic.

No reason to buy this. Better examples of this dead genre are out there, if you're that way inclined.. There's really only three things you need to know about SEEP Universe:

1. It's designed and developed by two guys from Italy who truly love gaming and helping us experience old school games with a new twist.

2. If you dug old school platformers like Commander Keen and 2D Duke Nukem, you will find some serious nostalgic joy in Seep Universe. I really appreciated the attention to detail with branching paths and even the purposefully placed cheap sections that killed me. That type of intentional design is something you don't find in modern games.

3. The controls are slightly less than stellar. When you're developing on sweat, tears and caffeine, sometimes it's tough to perfect mechanics. The controls are not bad, but they could have used a bit of fine-tuning to make this a truly excellent experience. But look at it this way...this is a true tribute to the old school as very few games had perfect sticks.

For more on Seep Universe, check out my playthrough - I found this game ugly. The graphics has no artstyle, sprites too small. Controls are not good, and in my opinion platformer genre games is obligated to have good controls and precise jumping mechanics.. It's like playing classic retro game like "Super Mario Bros"
In this game you can jump, punch, run, and shoot.
There are two playable characters.
Like Mario and Luigi you can play this game in co-op mode with your friend.

Quite a fun and entertaining game but only if you're a fan of retro game.
If you're not fond with retro games then you might find this as a crappy old game.. What game were the people writing these positive reviews playing? It's definitely not the one I got. There's almost something a bit suspect about it now that I really look through them...

It brings me no pleasure to bash on an indie dev, but this is an utterly incoherent mess of broken software. For one, there isn't even any kind of menu once you start the game. You can hit escape and bring up a command bar with no real usable functions, but doing so permanents cuts off all input making the game unplayable until you close the window like a game of solitaire and start all over again. Speaking of which, I found no means of saving your progress. Looking at the discussions there supposedly is, or was, a save feature, but I sure can't find it and there's nothing even vaguely resembling instructions in this game. Even if I could save, there's no apparent way to load it. The game just automatically starts at world 1-1 on launch like an arcade cabinet from the 80s. There's just no front end at all. Nothing. Insert coin to play.

As for the gameplay, the level design is just scrub league. There's no flow, bad enemy placement, and mindless zig zagging that just slow the gameplay to a halt. The play control is okay, but doesn't feel all that polished. For instance, you can jump from a standstill and if you keep moving left or right, you'll start accelerating just the same as you would on the ground.

The state of this game even on the level of a basic PC application is inexcusable.

I honestly feel I've had on this one. Sorry guys, but I think I'll be trying out the refund system.. A simple 2D platformer with bad graphics, painful sound and terrible mechanics. I could forgive a lot if it had some simple features to make it enjoyable. It doesn't.

You end up constantly playing the first few levels, because it doesn't bother to incorporate a decent save system. The character movement is painfully slow, the jumping is off and the controls are clunky to say the least. Even a simple thing like being able to disable the dire "music" would improve the whole experience.

It turns this into something that's boring at best; painful and frustrating at worst.
. A blast from the past!
There was a time when gamers used to spend hours in arcades playing videogames like Seep Universe. Games created with passion, pretty difficult, with unique 8-bit style graphics and which gave you enormous satisfaction once completed. If you want to relive the magic of the legendary '80s and '90s Seep Universe is the game for you.
. I found this game ugly. The graphics has no artstyle, sprites too small. Controls are not good, and in my opinion platformer genre games is obligated to have good controls and precise jumping mechanics.

Abduction Bit out now on Steam for 0,59$!:

Thank you for the support! :16bitHeart: :8bitgray:. New Update (3.0):
Thanks your help we have released a new update for SEEP Universe!
:16bitHeart: :16bitHeart: :16bitHeart: :16bitHeart: :16bitHeart:

- Added 10 new achievements

- Added a main menu, allow save the setting

- Added new joypad configuration, now you can chose the mode A or B

- Added full support for high-resolution

- Added V-Sync mode

- Fixed some sound effects

- Fixed some animation speed

- New price 4,99

How set up the keyboard:

- Open the game
- Switch the Keyboard
- Click on "setup"
- Press two time the left button of the mouse on Keyboard space


:16bitStar: Thank you guys for your feedback, this allowed to improve SEEP Universe! :16bitStar:. New Level and New Achievement!:
Hi, guys!
We have released a new level inspired by next project Dragon Climax, with a new achievement! And thanks for your feedbacks we have released a new update: Rebirth (4.1)!

Now the game have a lots of new features:

- New level in DLC World
- New Achievement
- New animation for air punch.
- New collision for the enemies.
- Fixed some glitches.
- Fixed some animation.
- Fixed some graphics.

How set up the keyboard:

- Open the game
- Switch the Keyboard
- Click on "setup"
- Press two time the left button of the mouse on Keyboard space


Thank you guys for your feedback, this allowed to improve SEEP Universe!. Katana Soul Out Now:
Hi guys,
Here the a new retro indie game! :16bitStar: Update/Added Achievements!:
:16bitHeart: :16bitHeart: :16bitHeart:Thanks your advices we have updated SEEP Universe! :16bitHeart: :16bitHeart: :16bitHeart:

- Added the achievements!

- Added change resolution just with alt+enter

- Fixed some animation and speed movements

- Added ESC button (short way to put the game in pause with the side menu)

- Fixed the third boss (now is too easy to destroy him)

How set up the keyboard:

This is a short guide to set the keyboard, we hope helps you: :)

- Open the menu with F8
- Input controllers
- Press two time the left button of the mouse on Keyboard space.


:16bitStar: Thank you for your help guys! :16bitStar:

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