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About This Game

RXE is a game about building and programming robots. Design complex machinery and write code to solve a variety of challenging puzzles.

RXE is a fully-functional virtual robotics kit, complete with tools and parts for building and programming a variety of robots and machines. Sandbox Mode allows complete freedom for creation and design, while Challenge Mode contains a series of puzzles for players to solve using robots. Using the tools in RXE, players can create anything from self-driving cars to robotic claws to self-balancing two-wheelers.

Not only is RXE a tool for creativity, it teaches the fundamentals of design and programming in a simple and intuitive environment. RXE is designed for programming professionals and novices alike, and is sure to provide a challenge for anyone interested.

  • Use a variety of sensors to read data from the environment.
  • Move robots using servo motors, wheels, and other actuators.
  • Control robots and interact with the environment using powerful in-game computers.

  • Write code in RXLang, RXE's powerful and intuitive visual programming language.
  • Perform complex operations and tasks using a variety of I/O, data, and math operations.
  • Update computers in real-time as code is changed.

  • Solve dozens of challenging puzzles requiring a variety of creative solutions.
  • Optimize robots to complete tasks as efficiently - or inefficiently - as possible.

RXE is currently being developed by Buce Studios. 7ad7b8b382

Title: RXE
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Buce Studios LLC
Buce Studios LLC
Release Date: 21 Jul, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


This game is unplayable. Not because its in early access (directly), but because there is no tips or tutorial for the coding language. It tells you how to build, then just throws you in. No help was given for the coding.. RXE is a really cool concept for people interested in building robots and programming (visual programming) them to do various tasks. This game is early access, and as such, my review may change over time. However, as it stands, I would not recommend this game, unless you plan to get in for the current low price and sit on it until they add more.

Currently, the game advertises \u201cdozens of tools and parts.\u201d While this is a true statement, it is a bit misleading. As of this writing, the game offers the following build components: 3 structural items, a computer, distance sensor, compass, servo motor, and a wheel for a total of 8 build items. And for programming it has 2 input nodes, 3 output nodes, 9 math operation nodes, and 4 miscellaneous nodes for a total of 18 programming nodes. Overall, this amounts to 27 \u201ctools and parts,\u201d which is indeed dozens, however this isn\u2019t a very extensive list of \u201ctools and parts\u201d for building robots. So there are a very limited number of things you could do with this. To their credit, they are working on adding more content to the game and I am very excited to see this. There are several small bugs and errors you can see in the discussion forums as well, but these aren\u2019t game breaking. So my only issue with this game is really the limited amount of content.

There are a few, in my opinion, crucial elements missing from this game. There is no programming node for if\/then statements or other loops, there are no math functions for inequalities, and there is no way to use Boolean logic. This severely limits your ability to program the robots. I think these things are essential, and if added, I would gladly change my recommendation.

Finally, the tutorial and item (build and programming items) need detailed descriptions. As it is, the input and output values required by some sensors and items are extremely unclear. For example, without reading the discussion board, you would not know that a value of 5000 is the same as a value of 100 for the wheels, as the wheels have a range between 0-100. These items need to have detailed descriptions, and to their credit, they are working on (or maybe have put out by now) a fix for the descriptions, as the developer was notified about this in the discussion.

As it stands, this game is not worth the price tag. However, it may be worth getting now, as they plan to add more and raise the price as they do.

UPDATE: The developer got back to me very quickly regarding the issues I raised in the discussion board. They seem to be on top of things (already implemented some of the smaller fixes) and promised to add more items once the bugs are fixed! Overall, it is looking really good for this game. I still can't change my recommendation at the moment, but as soon as those items are in I would definitely recommend this game!!. Doesnt even run (on linux)

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