The zero position (Featured Snippets) is the highest position you can achieve on Google. This is the most desirable goal of all SEOs. The main premise of Featured Snippets is to help network users find specific information. Hence, content with a specific answer to the question has the greatest chance of reaching zero position. Creating paragraphs, subpoints and tables in the content is quite important and gives the chance that part of our article will appear in Featured Snippets. It is also worth using appropriate graphics. The results of the zero position appear above the organic results, so there is something to fight for.

Extended data, so-called Rich Snippets will also play a big role in the coming time. They also affect the zero position, which we wrote about above. These are microdata that tell Google robots what information is on your website. These are very important elements in local positioning and more. The latest SEO trends can't do without microdata.


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