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Quest room: Hanon is one story consisting of 3 games, fascinating puzzles that will make you think, show care and logic. This part is the first in the series: the smallest and shortest. This is a small introduction to a great story.

- Lack of any prompts.
- One session game, the maximum time is 1.5 hours.
- Oxygen ends, if you do not solve the puzzle - die and have to start again. a09c17d780

Title: Quest room: Hanon
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 25 Oct, 2018

English,French,Italian,German,Arabic,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese,Korean,Dutch,Polish,Russian,Czech,Japanese

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I call Shennanigans!!! You'd have more time than 1.5 hours in such a room before youd pass out from the build up of CO2! SHENANNIGANS!!! I feel like its more of a guessing game than a puzzle game. I also hate that there is a timer. Game play is not very smooth. Kinda wish I didnt spend money on it.. Very quickly got to a point where there was nothing left I could find to interact with. Nice graphics but overall essentially dull and frustrating. Once you get to a situation where there seems to be nothing that you can do, it's not enjoyable. It's fine when there are choices available. But when there is apparently no decision to be made it's just irritating. Having a time limit just makes it even more annoying, sorry! I simply don't like this game, it has tried my patience too far.. A fun game if you're into The Room series or mechanical puzzles in general. I had to cheat a couple times, but overall this is a buy.. I am making this game knowing that this game was made by 1 person.

The game is not very big, reflected in the price tag. I am also just coming off playing 'The Room' series, and they are a much better series, but one should expect as such. This is...fine. Its puzzles aren't straightforward, and seem more trial and error than anything, but I may not have been engaging the full brain power, because I was not as invested as in previous puzzle games. Fun, but frustrating, as the puzzles are puzzles because of lack of information, rather than puzzles. Good for 1 person. I like its quest line it so far. There are a couple of cons though: 1) No saves (really?? I have to start all over again even if I just have to stop/pause playing for any reason). 2) Navigation is really frustrating. It would be much easier to navigate with a controller, but a computer mouse is the only option.

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