Princess Isabella - Return Of The Curse Download No Password

Princess Isabella - Return Of The Curse Download No Password

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About This Game

A year later everyone thought they had seen the last of the witch but she’s back. And this time she’s captured Princess Isabella’s child and cast a spell over the whole kingdom in the process. Save the kingdom and follow the witch’s evil path back to her lair. Defeat her for the last time with the help of your trusty Fairy sidekick and a new friend you met along the way!

•130+ Haunting Scenes to Navigate.
•6+ hours of Gameplay.
•Save your baby and numerous friends and townsfolk.
•Travel to the Witches Lair.
•Meet new Helpers, with new Abilities. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Princess Isabella - Return of the Curse
Genre: Adventure
Gogii Games
Strategy First
Release Date: 15 Apr, 2014


princess isabella return of the curse collector's edition *2014*. princess isabella 2 return of the curse free download full version. تحميل لعبة princess isabella return of the curse كاملة. princess isabella return of the curse guide. princess isabella return of the curse solution. princess isabella return of the curse collector's edition

As some other reviewers wrote, this is not the collector's edition.
So the end is a little "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat"???
So if you can catch the collector's edition go for it or you are going to be a little disappointed.
Anyway the game is good & some puzzles are quite original.
7/10. Click here for my review on the first Princess Isabella game.

This HOG is generally pretty good and is very similar to the first game. You are clearing more rooms from the curse that has returned. There are some simple puzzles scattered throughout, but a lot of progress is made by finding gems to free some notable people in the kingdom. Some puzzles needed to be explained better. There were at least one or two puzzles where I had no idea what I was supposed to do or how the puzzle mechanics worked.

Voice acting, again, is pretty solid. Visuals seem to be slightly improved from the first game. The good progress tracking system is present again. It tracks whether each room is clear and allows you to fast travel to any screen. The HO scenes, which is a bulk of the game, are done reasonably well. There is NO click limit or penalty, so you can click wildly to find items. However, some items are cleverly hidden and had me stumped for a second on multiple occasions.

The story is forgettable, which is exactly what happened during my playthough. I had to read the store page description on Steam again to remind myself what was going on. Overall, the game is too easy with a lot of cursor and dialog hints and the puzzles won’t challenge you much.

+HO scenes are nice
+Fast travel
+Great progress tracking
+Music and art are well done

+Some stuttering during gameplay, especially the cursor
+Too easy
+Puzzle explanation could be better

An ok port from mobile devices (tapping references instead of click) this is basically on par from the first Princess Isabella game, save for the fact that it’s a little longer. Grab this one on sale if you’re a fan of the genre

5/10 Average
. pros

+ good looking and colorful background artwork
+ two playable side character
+ easy puzzles (if you don't want to challenge)
+ engaging fantasy world and atmosphere
+ story is intriguing
+ hidden object elements are fun.
+ hint system very helpful
+ there is auto save


- game could have been longer.
- there are no steam achievements
- game doesn't drop cards.
- abrupt cliffhanger ending is rushed and clearly designed to set up a sequel.

this is an better than average hog and adventure game. i recommended!. When this game first came out, I just could not make myself play it, as I found the faery annoying. Saw it on sale here
on Steam, and thought, "Why Not?" Especially since I had played the first and third in this series.
The faery and the dragon didn't annoy me as much as I thought they would.
Despite what another reviewer wrote, you can click on them while they are speaking just to shut them up.
Especially when the dragon is repeating what someone just told you.
I actually did enjoy it, except for some of the HO's being difficult to find.
I like the fact that it has a jump map and you are notified when you are done in an area,
so you can just move on.
It was at times challenging, but not overly so. Puzzles are solvable without being to simple.
If your not sure what to do, there is a hint helper on top you can click on that will let you know what
to do. Otherwise, it stays out of site, for those who do not want hints.
There is a WT on the Big Fish site for when you get really stuck.
Not sure what the CE would have, as seeing I played #3 I knew how the story would end.. Although the game is fun and very casual. I wanted to make my point out there by giving negative review.

Firstly, there is NO support from the devs at all. I encountered so many bugs and I couldn't get them fixed.
Secondly, there is A LOT of bugs that prevent you from progressing or crashes your system.
Thirdly, I could not figure out the story and reasons for why something occured, I had to google it and found out that this game is missing HALF of the content that explains things clearly and has more game play.

Other than these reasons, this game is very fun and I enjoyed it a lot.. Played this game straight through. Good pick!

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