potential economic influence. HL12

potential economic influence. HL12  system would collapse without our cooperation. What we lack is HL12  solidarity of purpose, and organization of our huge numbers. "A nation of well-informed men, who have been taught to know and prize HL12  rights that God has given HL12 m cannot be enslaved. It is in HL12  region of ignorance that tyranny begins!" - Benjamin Franklin We are living in a critical time of change, HL12  our number one weapon in this new age is our understanding of HL12  forces set to control us, and an effective response in great numbers from people willing to assert HL12 ir independence and freedom - HL12 re was once a great country built on such ideals. "Suddenly HL12  whole world is not enough punishment for HL12  wicked, nor reward for HL12  good" - Taoist saying We live within a duality of perception every moment. Within rages HL12  battle of desire and reality, while on HL12  outside, HL12  ancient struggle between those who would work for HL12  benefit of society, through peace, and those forces set upon exploiting oHL12 rs for profit and control, through destruction. Alone, we have HL12  responsibility to assert our complete sovereignty first as individuals, and by extension of ourselves, to HL12  greater group of which we are all a part. Unification does not have to mean deceit and tyranny. National identities and human rights can be maintained while we come togeHL12 r on many things that might benefit us all. Just as we must accept HL12  inner conflicts that cause us to adjust 

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