New copper pipe can be joined to lead pipe by using special compression fit¬tings; making a proper 'wiped' soldered joint is a job probably best left to a qualified plumber.  There are two ways of running the pipe: cither it can pass through the wall and down to the tap or it can pass through the wall and up to the tap, in which case a drainvalve should be fitted where the pipe turns upwards - brass pipe fittings.

The hot supply for a bidet with an ascending spray can be provided in one of two ways: either from a separate hot water cylinder supplying only the bidet or as a new supply pipe from the hot water cylinder provided that this pipe is fitted with a check valve upstream of an additional vent pipe.

Additionally, by minimising the use of elbows for pipe corners, you can decrease the resistance in the flow of the water supply - carbon steel weld fittings. For more information, please visit our website

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