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So, when fighting on the battlefield, not blindly thinking recklessly with the enemy, we must pay attention to what the enemy is in the vicinity of the insertion banners, if any, must be a priority of its death, the destruction of the foundation, so that when they I did not dare to 07Runescape Fire Cape place in situ, the other fighting force will be gradually weakened, or fronts are stretched. Of course, the battle flag was destroyed can be inserted, but each player can only be inserted every day ten times, so run times, and can only rely on the in situ or on foot.Please remember our only domain

All other sites are not our official sites.  Head over to the former Saradominist war camp near Lumbridge to find Marimbo and Brassica Prime facing off while Holstein of the Godless looks on baffled and a little uncomfortable. They're holding a contest to determine who's the better god, and their followers are competing in an underground arena in their name.  To play, pledge your loyalty to Marimbo, Brassica or Holstein. Be sure to stick your speakers on, as the three are voiced by the mighty Mods Michelle, Raven and Liono! Then, enter the circular zone between the two thrones.

When there are enough players, the minigame will begin.  The Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza is played on a large field, with a safe zone on either side. It's played in a series of rounds, in which players have a short time to run from one side to the next while avoiding hazards. Earn points by Runescape 07 Account getting from one side to the next, mining cabbage ore and punching monkeys.  If a player doesn't reach a safe zone in the time limit, or is killed, they will respawn in the middle zone as a gorilla.

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