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Original Title: Pecos Pete

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery













































An assailant leaps Tarzan-style from a tree, murdering a wealthy rancher riding a horse. The victim's brother flies cross-country to hire Peter Gunn to disprove the Texas coroner's verdict of accidental death. The big city PI sticks out like a gun in a haystack compared to the suspiciously lackadaisical local sheriff, but Gunn rounds up a Texas-size line-up of prime suspects, who might turn and stampede him.
Lots of fun, with some suspense. So what happens when urban sophisticate Pete goes down Texas way. Why he gets duded out in cowboy's best, including designer boots and snappy Stetson. Seems somebody's killed a rich ranch owner's (York) brother, so the rancher goes to LA to get "the best", which means PI Pete. But what's our city boy going to do when he meets up with the grimiest, meanest old codgers (Moody & Fadden) at home on the range. Worse, they're true gluttons of slop (catch their table manners). Seems they greet everybody with raised shotguns, so I think I'll cancel my Dallas reservations.

No noir here, just a good look at old western sets like nothing else in the series. Sorry we don't see more of that queen of B-westerns, Peggy Stewart. Her sit-around role must have been a piece of cake and a good payday, I hope. Anyway, Fadden and Moody are familiar from dozens of shows and they really get to chew it up here. And catch that final scene at Mothers with Pete still in his spiffy Texas attire. The writers and players make it a real hoot. Still, I could have done without the usual brawling fisticuffs, but then it is a western, even if Blake Edwards style. So don't miss the colorful funniest with a whodunit thrown in. Review - Pecos Pete Solid plot, well written and acted, including Tom Steele, stuntman and actor, Jeff York, actor, Ralph Moody, actor, Jon Lormer, actor. These actors have literally hundreds of credits performing their craft over the past several decades. There was the visit to Mother's to open and close the episode, but the set was outside, a horse stable, a ranch house, a miner's cabin, and the steps to the coroner's office in town. Intrigue was kept as Pete pursued his leads around town, the miner's cabin and the ranch. Pete sets up his suspects and they fall for his trap. Amusing story with solid acting by veteran actors keeps the episode flowing throughout; recommend a watch and a look back on the bios of the aforementioned actors, it is impressive how many films and television programs these gentlemen appeared.

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