Peace, Death! Free Download [torrent Full]

Peace, Death! Free Download [torrent Full]

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About This Game

Peace, Death! is an arcade simulator with difficulties. In this game, you play as the Reaper working for your boss, Death, in Apocalypse, Inc. You face a challenge: go through a trial period of seven weeks to get a permanent job and advance the interests of your employer.

Features. You need to examine each client's feature to determine his, her, or its fate. There are more features every day and the game becomes more difficult. Your client holds a pistol? Send him to Hell unless he changes his mind and drops weapons. Is your client a hat-lover? Should you send him to Heaven? No, it's not that easy! First, take the hat off, and you might see the horns. Being a demon, killer, or an angel are features, too.

Catastrophes. These are unique events, they're unexpected and rapid, so Reaper is pressed by time. But you must allocate clients correctly to complete a catastrophe, unlock new clients and increase Death's influence! Unlucky pirates, bear influenza epidemic in Siberia, fighting for a free soup - these are only some of the catastrophes.

Events. Each week you will face a new event. The more days you worked, the more events you have. Trainees' phone calls, safes with smuggled goods, undercover agents of Paradox, kidnappers. They all pose some difficulties but help you to become the best in the biz. Why, you can even cook a soup!

Theme Days. Each seventh day is a theme day. You'll choose clients' fate for a unique soundtrack corresponding to the spirit of the chosen theme. Egypt? Certainly! Mother Russia? Nostrovia! Pirate day? Yo-ho-ho!

What else? Horsemen tasks, funny clients' phrases, lots of references and easter eggs, bonuses, penalties, very special clients ó all this will define your future as the Reaper determine the game ending!

Good luck, Reaper! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Peace, Death!
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Date: 24 Mar, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7 and above
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 2.9 Ghz or equivalent
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 Mb DirectX 9 compatible video card with shader model 3.0 support
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Mouse + Keyboard

English,Russian,French,German,Ukrainian,Simplified Chinese,Korean,Romanian

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Peace, Death!' takes inspiration from Lukas Pope's excellent 'Papers, Please' but with a more cartoonish humor and much faster pace. I enjoyed the game thoroughly until the introduction of "psycho paper" silhouettes, which are comparable to the "Most Wanted criminals" bulletins toward the conclusion of 'Papers, Please'. If 'Peace, Death!' were sold only for touch-based devices such as smartphones and tablets, this would be a plus. However, having to move the mouse frantically from the soul being inspected over to the psycho papers interferes with the otherwise fast and smooth pace of the game. Also, the other functions - Send to Heaven, Send to Hell, Send to Purgatory - have configurable keyboard mappings. Why isn't there at least a hotkey to display the psycho pages? Although it may be a minor design issue in itself, the effect on the last few stages of the game is palpable and disappointing.. Honestly shocked to see this game put at $5. The rest of this devs games are 99 cents and have about just as much gameplay and depth as this, yet this is $5?

For the boring timekiller gameplay you get out of this, definite NO on the $5 asking price.
Would say to pick this up for a buck though, maybe, but only if youre looking to kill time and newgrounds just isn't doing it for you anymore.. In this game you have to judge people (and demons) by their appearances!
[they also say stuff but who cares]
At the beggining it's pretty straightforward, like everyone who looks like a demon should go to hell, and everyone, who looks like a human, should go to heaven. But as days go you discover, that some client can hide horns under their hats, and that third destinatation - purgatory - exists. So you have to examine some features of clients - for instance, if they can throw their weapon or if blood can be washed from their feet. But if you already feel yourself an experienced Reaper, you shouldn't bother checking all this stuff but just trust your intuition. If you make right decisions with no check, you will get extra credits!. we want arabic language!!!!. Im at the moment the number 1 reaper (15-XII-2017 with the dlc) and I assure this is worth trying, it is simple but gets a little harder over time but appreciates your skill and mental speed. Also has some random events and achievements who is it funny to unlock so at this prices you just need to try it.

The only con was that it was a little limitated but with the dlc you just can play whenever you want and keep improving your study infinitely (time and food). Just play it :)

Real Reapers LEADERBOARD room:

Who's the best clients expert Reaper? :kot:. Peace, Death! Hand of F released!:

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are gone.
Death has no power over you from now on.
The time for real job has come, Reaper!
And I am your new boss. I am your Fate, sweetheart.

Endless game, new catastrophes, clients, quests and events.

Good luck, kitten! :kot:. Little update 1.1.1:

*Two new bonus tracks in DLC - Catastrophe and Reaper;
*Critical bug with prank call fixed;
*Now Reaper's cat really helpful; :kot:

Add-on with Fate and his bunch of cards in development. Hold on! :dio:. Propaganda from Artem in honor of Vladimir:

Add to wishlist, comrade! French + German languages support! v.1.1.3:

Credits for french localization to Sébastien Sosa and Mate Lichtle

Credits for german localization to Thomas H. aka Kyron

For fans from fans, thank you guys :D. Little patch

Hello, Reapers! :fnd:

- It's a bit easier to get the better final score now
- Some little bugs fixed
- New bugs may happen
- Hidden Add-on files, so, the game size increased
- Unique bureaucrat hell job soundtrack
- New Halloween catastrophe (ye, really, new catastrophe by Death, really, by DEATH!)

WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB :fnd:. Vote for this game on IndieDB. Or not? :):
Do it here, if you like Peace, Death! Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

url=]IndieDB page[/url]

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