Pandora has announced the release of a new collection

Jewellery company Pandora has announced the release of a new collection, which it says is “unlike anything else” that the brand has produced previously. The Essence Collection, available at Pandora concept stores from Monday 4 November, features a refined sterling pandora silver flower earrings and 24 small charms that represent value-driven sentiments.

Many of the pandora earrings are made from gemstones that are said to have intrinsic healing properties. A faceted lapis lazuli charm, for example, represents “peace” and has long-been associated spiritually with helping its owner or wearer find inner serenity. Other charms have been designed to symbolise particular values such as the “wellness” charm, which has a chakra mandala pattern. The chakra mandala is an ancient symbol, often associated with the practice of meditation and yoga for mental and physical wellbeing. The charms are not interchangeable with other Pandora pieces.

According to Pandora Australia president David Allen, the collection was developed based on results from a global consumer research project that the pandora earrings sale had commissioned. The study highlighted four key trends that resonated with women: empowerment, belonging, harmony and commitment. He said the local market would identify with the range because Australians valued a high quality of life, something that the collection “truly captures.”

“We also know that the Australian Pandora market is ready to welcome something fresh. The classic pandora earrings uk is still very popular, and we have no doubt that it will continue to excite our customers, but the Essence Collection allows us to connect with people in an interesting new way.”The collection is targeted at urban female consumers aged between 18 and 35 years old.

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