Packaging Machinery for wood blocks, panels and furniture

Packaging Machinery for wood blocks, panels and furniture

You can follow the machine from assembly, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), Installation, SAT (Site Acceptance Test) & Commissioning through final and running production finalizing with an interview with the President or a representative in order to learn how they have experienced the whole process.automatic granule packing machine

In the first video you will see the Simplex XL-S2 machine in state of assembly and thus only partly finished. You will hear about:

Packing machine XL S2
How you can reduce film consumption
Before and after stretch capability of a LD PE-Film
How to exchange a 500 Kg. film roll in 2-4 minutes
Packaging material savings
MMI – Man Machine Interface (Standard and detached control system)
Tentoma scope of supply
Reduce Film Consumption

Tentoma can assist in reducing packaging material consumptions. When calculating and performing test packaging you typically reduce the consumption with 20-60% leading to a cost saving between 10-50%. Additional cost reductions can be realized and in general we see consumption savings related to:

Heat shrink film
Going from manual to automated packaging
Reduce film material waste compared to heat shrink, manual packaging, orbital wrapping
Optimize thickness and stretch percentage depending on the product
Open ends / closed ends
Eliminate or reduce cardboard
Removal of polyethylene bags (manual or semi-automatic packaging)
Optimal use of perforated or micro punctured materials

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