One of the best things about FIFA 16

In fact, weight and momentum in FIFA 16 play a bigger part in general. Ground passes are zippier, particularly over longer distances, meaning you have to be more accurate with them to keep play flowing. Players now use all parts of their boots to nudge, flick and lay the ball off, although you will have to Buy FIFA 16 Coins get used to giving them a touch more power. Stringing together a few first-touch passes is hugely satisfying, particularly because it often feels on the edge of all falling apart, a bit like pulling off an improvised combo in a beat em up.  One of the best things about FIFA 16 is that lobbed through balls are now far, far less successful.

In addition, your new AI teammates automatically mark those troublesome runners, so if your opponent keeps abusing lofted through balls they are more likely than ever to be left wide open to counter attacks. It s difficult to overstate what a massive improvement this is, and for the first few hours, this genuinely feels like the best FIFA ever.  And speaking of the goalkeepers in FIFA 16, their A.I. is much better this year. Granted, they can occasionally look painfully awkward as a ball rushes past them on Professional difficulty, but they are much more apt to save those rocket shots from outside the box that used to be FIFA s bread and butter.

As a result, I ve found myself playing more tactically, working through balls and crosses for more realistic-looking goals. My new approach is further aided by a revamped team management screen that allows me to designate a Target Man, select which players I want to stay back in defense, and choose whether I want my team countering or playing pressure offense - a welcome bit of Cheap FIFA 16 Coins nuance in a complicated game like soccer.    The graphics in FIFA 16 are obviously tweaked and tuned up, but that s pretty par for the course. Faces probably received the biggest upgrade. Last year, it was noticeable that models were, essentially, upgraded from last gen consoles.

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