Digital Strategies 2019

You've probably heard about the Account Bases Marketing (ABM) in 2018. This is a strategy to provide a customized offer to specific customers. According to digital marketing experts, this strategy will be further developed in 2019. Brands will have to use dynamic content to put the consumer at the heart of a unique experience.

Today, email is the most used way to deliver personalized content. However, other solutions are available. Machine Learning is based on user data collected to personalize the advertising content.


Chatbots are among the main digital marketing trends to follow in 2019. This year, this tool will become essential to generate more leads since it offers a very high opening and conversion rate.

This is a very effective tool, providing quick and accurate answers to consumers, especially for brands that want to set up an effective customer service.

Instagram takes up more space

According to recently released figures, Instagram has more and more users. This social network has become the most used communication channel for brands interested in social marketing.

In 2019, Instagram could surprise us with the appearance of a multitude of features to engage the community, generate leads, etc.

Below are the examples of links:

New rules for SEO

Google regularly offers new rules for SEO. In 2019, the search engine expects to harden the rules for SEO. Many changes will be launched by Google to offer Internet content more qualitative.

Brands must be aware of the new rules imposed by the number one search engines, so as not to see the natural traffic of their website down.

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