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Monster Bash is full of scary action and haunting puzzles. No previous Apogee game has featured so much animation. Johnny can climb, crawl, shoot his multi-directional slingshot, fly a broom, and much, much more. His super-charged slingshot can shoot rocks, rockets, fireballs, and other surprises. There also more enemy creatures and monsters than ever seen in an Apogee game.


Monster Memory: Over 8 megs of compressed animated and scrolling EGA graphics.

Battle Beasts: Over two dozen uniquely-animated monsters to battle with joystick suppprt.

Bash 'em 'n' Smash 'em: Boss monsters that seem invincible - find their hidden weaknesses!

Savage Sounds: Digitized sound and voice effects and awesome animated sequences.

Creature Comforts: Three skill levels; save and restore up to 10 games; built-in hints

Controller Support: Partial Xbox 360 Controller support. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Monster Bash
Genre: Action
3D Realms (Apogee Software)
Apogee Software
Release Date: 9 Apr, 1993


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Simply the greatest PC arcade platformer ever made, back when Apogee were gods of PC gaming. Flawless. Their other games are fantastic too, but MB is simply grand.. Holy Grail of my childhood. I consider this gem as the best PC classic platformer of 90s (at least first half). I must admit there is noticable input latency (I play on keyboard) but it's easy to used to it. If you are skilled game may seems bit short, but it depends of your completion rate of course. Maybe I don't have same feeling replaying this game as I was kid but still it's very good game!. Old DOS game, so it's difficult and the controls aren't great. However, it still is fun to play, and is definitely worth picking up on sale.. A surprisingly interesting platformer... kind of a weird compromise between methodical, precision platformers like Oddworld and the versatile and ruthless 'run and shoot' Megaman style. Like both those games, it is hhaarddd and frustrating, slow and unintuitive. You'll learn what kills you through trial and error and be loading saves a bunch. But on the plus side, the sensibilities remind me a lot of Doom 2, where it prioritizes level design over uniformity, making the levels memorable.

Reccomended *ONLY* if you're a snooty retro precision-platforming connoisseur and you know what you're in for, Otherwise you might hate it. The second level is ughhh such a hassle. Maybe try the shareware demo if that's still a thing?. rescue those cats!
child endangerment!
pajamas in the rain!
all this and more, in
Monster Bash!
(not to be confused with the fun song. these monsters want to kill and probably eat you.)

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