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MMA Arena introduces players to the grueling world of Mixed Martial Arts. The game hopes to capture the desire, grit, and tenacity required from those interested in excelling at this sport.

Using a robust deck building mechanic, MMA Arena guides its players from the first day they walk into a gym through their quest of becoming an MMA Champion.

On this Journey you:

-Create fully customizable fighters from thousands of options including body-type, hairstyles, tattoos and dress them in branded MMA gear.

-Join genuine MMA teams and train with world famous fighters and coaches in many martial arts disciplines and styles from beginner to master. Build
your deck and unlock hundreds of MMA moves creating your own unique fighting style.

-Master a variety of Martial Arts disciplines including Wrestling, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu. Create your custom fight deck from
hundreds of moves and dismantle opponents with your signature fighting strategy!

-Compete in epic MMA fights and progress through MMA Leagues to fight tougher opponents until you get your hard-earned belt. 7ad7b8b382

Title: MMA Arena
Genre: Sports
Hidden Tower Studios
Digital Tribe
Release Date: 7 May, 2019


MMA Arena... I'll get right to it. Is it worth the purchase? Overall answer is,Yes. Thats not saying this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It worth the purchase cost as it relatively cheap, and it is entertaining. The graphics are enjoyable, game play has been solid, with only 1 glitch experienced upon first starting the game, but has not happened since.

The game though is very repetitive and grindy AF. And imo, not the entertaining sort of grind. The fighting on the other hand is entertaining. The deck interface needs better indicators as to what is what. Hovering a mouse pointer over a button doesnt inform you of what it is you're looking at. My biggest gripe is that the names on some of the cards are not readable. words blocked by card graphics. Like what idiot thought their "art" was more important than the actual game play itself? ITS ANNOYING.

It's a cheap time killer. If i were hungry and had an option between buying this game or eating a Bic mac might be a toss up. I could do without either one. Game is fun. Grind is real and becomes a bore.

GETS BORING FAST? HECK YEAH IT DOES!. Pretty good !!. I like it alot, Im always looking for this kind of games since tekken card tournament.
It has comentary and some decent graphics and a good range of different kind of customazations. Hats, sneakers, glasses, bandanas and some other stuff to unlock, the jackets look the best, you can make a new char for 20k$ what is not so crazy much, maybe 3 fights or trainings.
The first half hour I didn't get you attacking 1 round and defending 1 round. I first was searching for my defence card to play, but you have a defence deck and an attack deck for each round. If you play head card and he plays a headcard too than its a defence.
For this price fore sure its good, it could be 10 bucks and nobody would complain.

there are some small things ofc what could be improved like the KO or TKO moment could be abit more fluent, or that when you are in the training and go to deck it would be nice to go back to trainng and not to the main menu or to search cards by name maybe. Or for me the biggest, why I cant fight others in multiplayer.

But to be honest if was really fun once you understand that you have a deck for each round, and take away old cards with the less energy but with equal or more power or defence to get better. I made first an more obvious choice with bxoing and kickboxing and later made a mu thai wrestling mix, what I like cause of the defence.

The feeling was of everything was almost like.... let's get ready to rumble!

Fun game. Excellent game well worth full price. Best MMA on pc relaxing and great fun. Even runs on my old i3 laptop perfectly. Recommended.. Holy moley! What a pleasant suprise! I LOVE the gameplay. Much better than the real Street Fighter card game or Yomi (Steam).

Yes, this feels like a mobile game, but who cares?

VERY tense battles. You have to be SMART. Great strategy. NOT hard.

To the ONE person with a negative review since release, the upgrades create duplicates. NOTHING has been repetitive.

EVERY MMA fan should check this out!. 5 out of 5! Great game if you are into MMA.

I would like to see is some more announcers voice overs and can't wait until Online comes out!. I am a fan of mma and have been looking out for a good mma game on steam for a long time. Like a previous reviewer mentioned, there have been some mma games on steam before, but for various reasons they were just not really good. When I saw MMA Arena, I was a little wary that this might be another disappointment. But after playing it for a few hours, I can safely say this isn't the case.


In MMA Arena, you get to customise various aspects of your fighter from his looks to his movesets. This allows you to create your own unique fighter. Your looks, gear and movesets are all unlockable in-game. Once your fighter is created, you get to choose the gym to train at and the disciplines to specialize in. I chose Elite MMA and specialized in Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.

You have a moveset of 40 cards. This includes stand up offense and defense and ground offense and defense. There are basic moves and moves from your chosen discipline. As you train in your discipline, you will unlock cards specific to your discipline that you may use to upgrade your deck and moveset.

Preferring to be an all rounder, I have chosen to place an equal number of cards in my stand up offense and defense and ground offense and defense. This allows me to be prepared for any situation, but I won't truly excel in any specific area.

It is possible to specialise more in stand up or your ground game.


Each round has 8 turns. 4 turns of attack and defend for you and your opponent. When you attack, your opponent defends and vice versa. Each turn you may choose a card from a choice of 3 to attack or defend with. There is a timer per turn, so you have to assess the situation quickly. Since you can see the 3 cards available to your opponent, you can guess the move he will make and hopefully counter it. This will allow you to block, if you are on defense or strike an opening if you are attacking.

If your stamina permits, you may use more than one card per turn, up to a maximum of 3. But bear in mind that each card can only be used once per fight and is eliminated from your deck, leaving you with your remaining cards to work with. This strategic aspect of the game is fun for me, as I have to decide how I wish to plan my attack and defense.

So far, I have only fought 3 round fights. I don't know what happens if I were to fight 5 round fights and run out of cards. Maybe I will gas like real mma fighters and be unable to attack or defend myself.


The tutorial is easy to follow and explains most of the things you need to know. The rest is pretty intuitive. I've not encountered any bugs in the game while playing it.

So far, I have only unlocked my red belt for Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. There are still a ton of things to unlock, moveset and gear-wise and many more fights to go for in career mode. For the asking price and all the features of the game, I think it is worth every cent. This is a game that I see myself investing many more hours in, largely for the customisation aspect to create the most efficient and effective fighter.

A minor complain is that I wish there were different ring girls to design or unlock though. The ring girl in the game is not really suited to my tastes.. So first let me say the concept is good, and the execution is good. The downside is the game is a bit repetitive when facing the AI, and it would have been an amazing multiplayer game. I really hope they do a competitive multiplayer mode, the game would be so dope. I'm still rating it positively because i think for the price its still worth it even whitout multiplayer. But if it had multiplayer, it would easily be worth 5x that price.. After only 50 minutes of play, I can tell you I like this game. It is fun, and not too easy as I am being beaten like a 3 legged dog haha. I strongly encourage all my friends to purchase this game now while I am still learning the game.

Wait too long, and as Ivan Drago said, "I will crush you."

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