Madden NFL 20's New Ability System Spotlights The League's Superstars

Madden NFL 20's New Ability System Spotlights The League's Superstars

The NFL loves its superstars, from team-lifting QBs like Tom Brady to game-changing wide receivers like Antonio Brown, and QB-crunching monsters like Aaron Donald. But Madden hasn't always been able to highlight these kinds of players in ways that not only make them powerful but like they perform in real life.

This year's new Superstar X-Factor feature hopes to address this fact and not only make these players feel like the stars they are, but also influence Madden across its many modes.Hut 20 Coins

"The NFL last year felt like a star-driven league," says creative director Mike Young, "appointment viewing-based TV because you had to see the Rams-Chiefs. You had to see Donald play. You had to see Khalil Mack play."

Young says there's another reason for the new feature: How can the game go beyond ratings? "I think ratings are really good at the measurables," he says, "the combine type stats like speed, but for instance, Tom Brady has never been a great quarterback in Madden. What we've done is try to differentiate the quarterbacks and give them very unique things based on their archetype."Here's how it works: There are around 140 Superstar abilities in the game (Ed. – text originally listed 70, but this was an error). Some players have none, some have multiple abilities. These abilities are shaped by real-life players' skills and in-game player archetypes. Thus, you aren't going to see a slower, bruising running back get abilities related to more nimble backs.

Most of these abilities have counter-abilities across the line of scrimmage, so that there are no automatic victories on the field, but you obviously want to pay extra attention to these players. To this end, players with superstar abilities will always be marked so everyone knows.

But Superstar abilities are just the start; there are plenty of great players in the league, but there are also those who are a cut above. These are called X-Factor players. X-Factor players have at least two superstar abilities, but they also a zone ability that lets them get into the zone – that state that athletes talk about where their skills are extra heightened. As of the time of this writing, there are about 28 offensive X-Factor players and 22 defensive ones, with no special teamers or offensive linemen among them.

X-Factor players have to play themselves into the zone for their zone ability to activate. For example, if JuJu Smith-Schuster catches four run-after-the-catch (RAC) passes of 20 yards or more, he's in the zone. When he's in the zone he'll usually win single-coverage RAC passes with an animation that gives him an advantage in that situation.Want to buy mut 19 coins from

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