ounces but it seems to Avalure Cream  consistency is very light and spread really easily so you do not have a beautiful you need to literally like a pump on each time you use it love it love it love it so anyways uh anyways because i know that's really expensive i want to go to give you an alternative my  Avalure Cream Avalure Cream r favorite might mean that i use during Avalure Cream  day if i'm not using that one it is made by a company called a hundred percent pure and it's called coffee bean caffeine I cream and it says for dark circles and puffiness but this time super super hydrating it's really really nice and I going right now and I feel like it really helps with like pregnant like especially upper eyelid area creaminess and just like with everything I'm super super notice this I Avalure  brain is pretty thick and I did make a video about this eye cream somebody going to link that below it does have a strong scent to it some people do not like that for some people strong sense can be irritating to your eyes to meet not at all and i find this and i find this eye cream to be super super hydrating it is a little bit on Avalure Cream  thicker side so it doesn't have like a really fine light consistency is a little bit thicker this is one of those creams that I do have to let Chris sink in for about five minutes so i don't typically apply any makeup anything until like I said 

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