How to Use Artificial Intelligence in SEO

Artificial intelligence is not just about science-fiction and robots anymore. In today’s digital landscape, artificial intelligence technology is pervading and reshaping various industries in the form of self-driving cars, chatbots, & smart devices and digital marketing is no exception.

The search engine optimization medium has faced innumerable fundamental strategic changes over the years, due to revolutionary new intelligent algorithms and the ever-adapting process of improving user experience. Marketers agree that any chances of using tactics and tricks to outsmart Google’s algorithms are now over. In fact, the SEO is now subjected to concept-based content, powerful content strategy links the building, and optimization of meta tags.

While its basic tools remain the same — keyword-consistent content, link-building, and optimization of meta tags — SEO also includes in its strategy factors like mobile search, user experience, and social media marketing.

AI is now a relatively familiar idea among marketers, and it’s no longer a sci-fi term associated with the distant future. This is also true in the field of SEO.

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