Online privacy is drawing more attention from Internet users. Tor and VPN are the top 2 online privacy tools available today.  
Using Tor in combination with VPN offers many advantages. The major benefit is providing maximum security.
This article will tell you how to use a VPN and Tor together.
The first way to combine both is called ‘Tor over VPN’.  
First, connect to a VPN, and then go into the Tor network for additional privacy. The VPN encryption will prevent the Tor entry node from accessing your IP address.
Tor over VPN also gives you some privacy protection from your VPN provider, as they can not see what you are doing on the Tor network.  
In addition, If you are using Tor over VPN, you can also access the Tor network even if it is blocked, such as the Tor network in corporate and school networks or certain countries.  
While the downside is that it can’t hide your traffic from a malicious Tor exit node. If your VPN provider records your activity, Tor over VPN doesn’t hide your real IP address or the fact that you’re using Tor.
The other way to dual-wield these services is called ‘VPN over Tor’. In this case, you connect to the Tor network first and then go through your VPN.
The biggest advantage of redirecting your traffic through Tor to your VPN is that it protects traffic from malicious exit nodes.
Another advantage is that the VPN service provider doesn’t know your real IP address.   
Unfortunately, the ISP can see that you are using the Tor network, and therefore block you from “onion” sites. Besides, the configuration of VPN over Tor is more complicated than Tor over VPN.
Using Tor and a VPN together provides maximum security. But there is disagreement over how best to implement this. You can make your own choice by weighing the pros and cons.
Try to use Tor with a best VPN service like RitaVPN to protect you online.

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