How to Turn Unlinked Brand Mentions Into Links

Unlinked brand mentions are mentions of your brand on published sites that do not provide a link back to your website.

Backlinks are critical in developing website authority, especially within relevant communities.

While Google does give value to brand mentions, even if they are unlinked, links provide far more  as the primary off-page ranking signal.

As SEO experts, we know that links can provide the value you need to be recognized as an authoritative, trusted, and relevant site.

The recognition through links from  is what will lend credibility and authority to your website.

This is why we want to take action when we see a mention that is unlinked.

There is a simple solution to these unlinked brand mentions: ask for the link.

Having already mentioned your brand, it indicates that they find value in your product, service, or perspective, and want to share that value with their audience. This places you in an advantageous position to ask for the cherry on top.

Below is a step-by-step approach to finding these unlinked mentions of your brand and reaching out to the publisher to generate a high-value backlink.

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