How To Distinguish Nylon Webbing And Polyester Webbing

How To Distinguish Nylon Webbing And Polyester Webbing

Will be two kinds of I do not know the type of ribbon weft yarns out of several, respectively, with a lighter burning, combustion process to observe some physical phenomena to determine the raw materials of latitude and longitude yarn. Combustion to the flame, the melting situation and the smell of the smell, after burning the ashes of the situation observed.polyester Elastic Webbing
  The following are two kinds of webbing material combustion physical performance parameters for your reference:
  Nylon Ribbon: near the flame that is melting melting, dripping and foaming is not straightforward like celery taste hard, round, light, brown to gray, bead
  Polyester webbing: near the flame that is melting fusible, dripping and foaming can keep burning, a few very weak smoke strong hard round, black or light brown
  First, cotton fiber and hemp fiber
  Cotton fiber and hemp fiber are just the flame that is burning, burning quickly, the flame was yellow, blue smoke. The difference between the two is the smell of burning and the burning of the ashes, the burning of cotton burning paper smell, burning burning grass ash smell; burning, the cotton has very little powder ashes, black or gray, hemp produces a small amount of gray powder ashes.
  Second, nylon and polyester
  Polyamide fiber, near the flame that is rapidly crumpled into a white gelatinous, in the flame melt droplets and foaming, no flame when burning, leaving the flame difficult to continue to burn, emitting celery taste, after cooling Light brown melt is not easy to break.
  Polyester scientific name polyester fiber, easy to ignite, near the flame that is melting, burning while smothering black smoke, yellow flame, distributed aromatic smell, burning ashes after the dark brown lumps, with your fingers can be broken.

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