How to choose the perfect EDC knife: Questions to Ask Yourself

Choosing an everyday carry knife is a difficult decision. Every person has different interests and preferences that affect their decision of choosing the perfect EDC knife. Not all expensive, good-looking, or famous knives are suitable ones for your daily use. Therefore, before making any decision, it is best to talk to yourself and ask your own opinion on things first. The use of EDC knives has been accelerating for the last few years. There is a high demand for self-defense tools as people are starting to learn to be prepared for various emergencies in life.

What is an EDC knife?

EDC knife is a knife that you can easily carry with you on a daily basis. It is actually obvious from the name “Everyday Carry”. Just like how you bring your phone, wallet, charger, etc on a daily basis, you will be carrying your EDC on a daily basis. Therefore, the basic necessary features of an EDC knife are to be lightweight, small, easily concealable, multi-functional, and durable. You can get more general information about the EDC knife here.

Your EDC knife should feel as if you are carrying almost nothing. It should fit in your pocket or bag easily without taking up much space. And whenever the need to use the knife emerges, you should be able to use the knife quickly and easily. Therefore, it is also extremely important for your EDC knife to be convenient to use.

So what are some questions to ask yourself before purchasing the perfect EDC knife for you? Make sure, to be honest with yourself so that you can make the best decision.

What are you going to use the knife for?

It might seem like an obvious and cliche question. Since you are purchasing it for everyday use, be more specific about the purpose of your knife. Exactly what things you will be using the knife for?

Is it mainly for self-defense? Then you should go for the most multi-functional you could find. You will not only be fighting against the person who is attacking, but you might also need to cut the belt, break the windows in your car. So go for a versatile knife. You can find the best Tactical Knife for EDC that is versatile and high-quality here:

Is it mainly for travel emergencies? If you are someone who travels outdoor a lot such as going hiking, camping, several night trips, etc, then you will need a little bigger and stronger EDC knife. Travel emergencies include having to hunt for animals, cut robes, prepare the wood for starting a fire, opening canned foods, and so on. To be honest, necessity never ends. In this case, you will need a knife that is made of high-quality materials since it has to be durable. I recommend you go for stainless and rust-proof material as the weather is never predictable.

What size and weight are preferable for you?

People usually make different decisions when it comes to size and weight. Some people like heavy and bigger as they usually tend to be stronger and feel reliable. On the other hand, some people don’t really enjoy huge knives as small knives are easy to conceal and quick to use. This decision comes back again to your purpose.

However, before purchasing any knife, you have to decide on the size and weight. In that way, it will be easier for you to make the decision as you know what you are looking for. Good luck with your journey of finding the perfect EDC knife for you! 

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