Heat Nation fans react to news that LeBron James is going to

26900954 The suspense for Heat Nation fans ended Friday. The King is no longer going to play for Miami.

The announcement on Sports Illustrated that he was signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers was received with a sense of understanding. No one was sharing pictures of jerseys under flames. "I am shocked disappointed in today's news," Heat managing general partner Micky Arison tweeted. "However I will never forget what Lebron brought us for 4 years. Thanks for cheap jerseys memories." 26900970Most Miami Heat fans sent him messages of gratitude. "Much love King James Thanks for giving me the best 4 years as a Heat fan," Rich Wilkerson Jr. tweeted. "Hate that you're going, but forever grateful." Minutes after the news went viral, there was a first wave of good wishes for the NBA player who already has a place in basketball immortality. 26900982Heat fan wholesale jerseys Akil Blake was also supportive of James, who turns 30 in December and cheap jerseys is reaching a peak in his career. "May your soul be at peace and success follow everywhere," Blake tweeted. Even Larry King tweeted he wished him the best. 26901016Since he entered the league as the No. 1 overall pick by the Cavaliers in 2003, no one has logged more minutes, scored more points or had a better plus minus ratio than James. James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade all exercised options in their contracts to become free Dt5FW6a9x agents this summer. The thinking was that they would re do their deals to give the team financial flexibility in an effort to make upgrades to the roster. "I completely understand where King James is coming from," Shawne Merriman tweeted. "I would have loved to go back and finish with Chargers." Sports commentator Chris Rose said owners of professional sports should his letter and learn from it. 26901262"Heartfelt, honest and insightful," Rose tweeted. "Well done King." Some fans were confident that the Miami Heat was going to recover from the loss. 26901314"it's not everyday you lose a king. But I think we'll manage," Marika Lynch tweeted. And although many James fans stopped following The Miami Heat's Twitter account. The team's true fans were sharing on social media that they were looking forward for the next season to start. http://www.neighbour123.com/blog/show/15-win-over-buccaneers

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