Harvest Simulator VR Download For Pc [hacked]

Harvest Simulator VR Download For Pc [hacked]

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About This Game

Harvest Simulator VR is a casual farming game built exclusively for VR Headsets. It was inspired by our love of playing in the dirt and mucking out, as well as the sense of accomplishment that farming gives. It was built directly for room-scale VR and allows you to dig up and plow your fields, plant your seeds, tend to them with care and watch them grow. Sell your crop to grow your farm. Tend to your chickens and collect their eggs too! Experience farming life like never before. Enter the world of the first harvest simulator for virtual reality.

Key features
Work in your own virtual reality farm, where you can use your farming tools and your skills to create the best farm possible.
Plant new crops and see them grow through full day and night cycles.
Prepare your land and grow produce, selling them on the market and earning money to expand your farm with new tools and other essentials.
Use your own hands to cultivate your plot and turn your farm into the farm of your dreams.
The more your farm grows the more you can do: there is a lot more in this farm than you can even imagine. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Harvest Simulator VR
Genre: Simulation
Sakis25 Games
Bolt Virtual
Release Date: 25 Nov, 2017


Playing on Oculus Rift with touch and having a great time. Came into my games room to see my wife sitting on the floor tilling soil and planting tomatoes. She had a huge smile on her face making this game worth the price and then some.. annnnnd no updates for 6 months.... Some would say repetitive but i find It kinda relaxing! Simple yet fun to play! Worth inexpensive price! Kids love it! Hope for updates with more seeds! Fun to mess with the chickens.. I had high hopes for this game. My opinion: do not purchase.

The main problem is the controls - after a few minutes the interface stops reacting to the trigger button. This stops you from being able to save the game, or continue the game, or change tools etc.

In addition, the rest of the game is just really bad. Crops don't line up to digging spots. Water doesn't line up to crops. Instructions are missing or incomplete. And the models and play are far worse than advertised.

It looks like someone took a few hours, tossed a few bare minimum mechanics together, and tossed this up for sale hoping to ride on the Stardew Valley Ranch craze. The game is unplayable, and not worth purchasing.. I played this on the Oculus Rift with Touch controllers without any issues. <\/b> I hope this game gets updated with more content and more challenge. As it stands right now, I'm giving a tepid positive recommendation.

This game is very relaxing and chill to play. The problem is that there isn't much challenge. You use your hoe to till the land markers pre-determined for you. That's really the most interactive part of the game. It's not back-breaking, you just have to hoe it once {insert jokes}. You can teleport around and turn with your motion controllers.

Then you select the seed from your inventory and laser point towards the selected plot of land. Then you can choose to water said seed\/ growing plant. I really liked the animation of the growing plants. They are nicely done and you can tell after getting used to the visuals, when a plant is ready to be picked. Unfortunately, it's picked the same way it's planted. You point your laser towards the plant and *poof* it's picked and vanishes into your inventory. Your inventory is your main menu basically.

There's a day and night cycle. However, there isn't much different between day and night. Night is darker, but you can always see and you can plant and grow plants in the dark without any problems. So, I'm not sure if plants need light or not, I don't think they do. I'm not even sure they need water, I think water may just speed up the process, but none of my plants died. I did notice they grew at different speeds and I can only attribute that to my careless watering. You fill your water container from the trough, even though there's a well nearby that you don't do anything with. It would have been nicer to use the well instead.

There's chickens running around that you can scare away. You can pickup eggs. You can spend your money on furniture for your 1 room house. I spent it on a bed, but then found out that's it's just for decoration, you can't actually sleep on it.

So basically you plant to buy decorations or for the fun of it. But there isn't much if any challenge. I guess you can lose by spending all your money on decorations. There's no weather. Day and night make no difference. There's no setbacks to farming. You're always guaranteed to make more money than you invest.

If this game fixes those issues and adds more challenges, this will be a very fun game. For now, it's only a tepid recommendation given the current sale price of $4.89. If you spend 1 hour in this game, it's probably worth that much.. I'm not too picky for $6.99. My 5 year old wanted a new game. so I got her the demo. I needed to get her something non-violent. I figured she couldn't figure it out. Boy, was I wrong. So I bought it for her. now my 10-year-old and my 5 year old are fighting over it. I wouldn't be interested, mind you. but the kids love it. so for $7, I'm happy.

. can you add more seeds pls

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