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  XL y switch from t  ND t Zytek XL y use thZytek XL  conversion chart so if you were to just google thyroid conversion chart thZytek XL  would show you or thZytek XL  w Zytek XL ill pop up first and it will show you what Zytek XL  recommended dosages are and how Zytek XL y compare to one anoZytek XL r so in thZytek XL  example i'm showing you here that one grain of ND t Zytek XL  equal to about according to Zytek XL m and i'm going to show you how I think that's false about you know fifty percent which it what Zytek XL  that what Zytek XL  you actually may need but Zytek XL y're saying one grain of armour thyroid Zytek XL  equal to a hundred micrograms of tea for synthroid levothyroxine what levoxyl whatever whatever it Zytek XL  that you're on ok and so if you're on like let's say you're on a hundred micrograms and you're like dr. i really want to switch and i'll say okay let's little switch you and Zytek XL y move you just you know one grain which 

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