In September, State Senator Jeff Van Drew, Democrat from the 1st District (Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland Counties) introduced a bill (S2264) in the State Senate significantly modifying New Jersey's handgun carry law. The bill is identical to a bill (A3322) introduced to the State Assembly by State nfl super bowl fans jerseys Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matthew Milam, Democrats from the 1st District. Both bills were referred to the respective Senate and Assembly Committees on Law and Public Safety where they will remain until, super bowl fans gear and if, approved cheap pro bowl gear by the Committee.

New Jersey's current law regarding the application to obtain a permit to carry a handgun, New Jersey Statute (NJS) 2C: 58 4, is widely considered one of the most strict gun laws in the nation. Currently, a person must not have any criminal convictions, not be drug dependent, not be an alcoholic, never have been confined due to a mental disorder, and not have a physical defect or disease that would make it Dt5FW6a9x unsafe to handle a handgun. Furthermore, NJS 2C:58 4 contains a catch all provision which denies a permit to any person "where the issuance would otherwise not be in the interest of the public health, safety cheap authentic pro bowl jerseys and welfare." Additionally, the application for the permit to carry must be approved by the Police Chief or State Police Superintendent and by a Superior Court judge. In short, permits to carry are denied unless the person shows they are of good character in the community with no disabilities, can wholesale super bowl jerseys demonstrate a "thorough familiarity" with safe handling and use of handguns and can demonstrate a "justifiable need to carry." It is the last requirement, the "justifiable need to carry", that typically results in the denial of a permit to carry a handgun. State Senator Van Drew's bill would eliminate that last requirement. Instead, Senator Van Drew's bill would require an applicant to take three courses offered by the State Police that would teach an applicant the safety in use, maintenance and storage of handguns and "in use of force and the justifiable use of a firearm". Plus, Senator Van Drew's bill would modify the fee for the permit from $20 per year to $500 per year. All the other requisites regarding an applicant's criminal background and addictions would remain. However, a psychological evaluation would only be required every other year.

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