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Think of most kinds of unethical, dodgy, and flat out illegal, marketing activity and this group of shady casinos is sure to be up to their necks in it. This Israeli-owned group has been on our radar for a long time due to various complaints about slow payments to players and voiding of winnings due to minor T&Cs breaches. They earned a permanent spot on our blacklist due to the repeated appearance of their casinos on thousands of blog sites that have been illegally hacked to advertise online casinos without the website owners' knowledge. The usual response to this kind of thing is for the casino to blame over-zealous affiliate marketers then shut down their accounts. However in the case of AffPower, the affiliate program representing most of these casinos, not only did they ignore the repeated complaints, but their casinos remain on hacked sites to this day, proving that this is one operator that does not care if criminal activity is used to make it money.month recommend casino

More recently, after being asked for help by our friends at LCB with a complaint they had received, we verified for ourselves that casinos operated by this group were running pirated games from both Novomatic and Net Entertainment. This is a huge issue for players because not only does it once again show the operator's lack of ethics and willingness to engage in criminal activity, it is certain that the pirated games are not running the same random number generator that the originals use, nor do they share the same jackpot pools. In short, you are being cheated if you are unknowingly playing pirated games and you cannot know for certain how they have been tampered with. One piece of evidence was particularly damning for this shady operator - after pointing out to them that their supposed Net Entertainment games were not running on an approved subdomain, the games mysteriously started working from a newly registered and similarly named domain (changing the letter U to a Y) a few days later. How stupid do these criminals think people are? Thankfully the games have been removed from the casinos, but given the hands-off attitude of the Curacao gaming authorities that supposedly regulate these casinos, we have no doubt that the games would still be there were it not for the vigilance of sharp-eyed players and affiliates.

Want more? We found this disgusting clause buried in their T&Cs: 13.5 Should you place deposit limits on your account, any withdrawal request will be limited to five (5) times the deposit limit, and not exceed €5,000 per thirty (30) day period. It is clear from this clause that they are actively trying to discourage people with a gambling problem from placing a deposit limit on their account and should someone do so, they are penalised. Truly, these guys are evil.

There are many company names and affiliate programs associated with this rogue operator including: Affpower Limited, Aff VIP, Alpha Interactive Solutions N.V., Conan Gaming Limited, Conversion Affiliates, Crazy Affs, Domiseda & Partners s.r.o, Equinox Dynamic N.V., Game Tech Group N.V., GS Technology Limited, Revenue Affiliates, Rock Solid Affiliates, Smile Affiliates, Supaze limited, Topia Solutions N.V., Ubiquin Limited, Wiz Partners, Yucatan Gaming N.V.

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