Fundraising Fundamentals Multichannel Fundraising

With online giving continuing to grow, it’s essential to know who’s giving and why. This can help digital marketers organize their online campaigns, targeting donors and increasing donations.

Today’s nonprofits need to ensure they can accept online donations, as well as find clever and creative ways to drive online giving. We partnered with Rob Wu, CEO and Co-founder of CauseVox to assemble 12 proven ways your nonprofit can bring in more online donations.

You can’t deny that our lives online are irreversibly connected to our lives “offline”—which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that we’re even connecting and donating to our favorite nonprofits and charities online.

Make sure that you have consistency across your website and communication channels. The use of different fonts, colours and tone of voice can all have an impact on how donors perceive your organisation. Donors like to give to the brands that they trust.

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