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Freaking Meatbags throws you into a futuristic world where robots have jobs, cephalopods aren't confined to a single dimension, and humans pretty much just stand around talking to themselves. As a lowly cleaning robot, your task is to gather precious materials from each world before the solar system goes kaboom. As soon as you land, you realize this gig isn't going to be as simple as you had hoped. During the day you'll scramble to gather resources, build structures and keep your base in good repair. But when it gets dark, get ready to fight. Those rampaging wild robots aren't here to have a knitting competition.

At least you're not alone in your daily chores. Fleshy, unintelligent and very unattractive human creatures live on these planets. You've discovered they're quite amenable to being told what to do, even if those tasks are as limited as carrying resources back and forth. Mix some DNA from a few different species, however, and you can breed humans with special powers. Like, say... laser beam eyes! A little mod here, a little hack there and they might turn out to be quite useful!


  • Fuse alien and human DNA: Create hybrids with special alien abilities by mixing DNA from two different meatbags. A human is useful, but a human with a laser eyes, and a new pair of arms is even more useful.
  • Build offensive and defensive structures: Hold back the wild robot hordes while simultaneously pummeling them with lasers, missiles, bolts of electricity and your very own personal attack drones. 15 unique structures to create and upgrade.

  • Enhance your base with technology: Influence the battlefield and manage your base with nine different pieces of buildable technology. Need to heal yourself? There's tech for that. Want to build drones? Tech for that, too!
  • Motivate your meatbags: The humans usually do what you ask. Unless they're tired or bored or just plain apathetic. Fortunately there's plenty of alien biotechnology you can implant to give them a little encouragement.

  • Robotic enemies: Nobody knows where the wild robots come from, but they sure are well-armed. Eight unique enemy types that range from creepy crawly things to dashy explodey things.
  • Boss robots: Three sinister bad guys to take out with your turrets. One of them has a giant brain. How do you figure it got in there?
  • Multiple planets and environments to explore
  • Four alien species to encounter, chat with and steal DNA from
  • One giant trans-dimensional space squid

Philae Update

(February 2015)

  • Revamped DNA system with hundreds of alien/human combinations.
  • Seven new genes to get all splice-happy with.
  • Equip meatbags with jetpacks, hoverboards and... ROCKET LAUNCHERS!
  • Stick humans in towers to power-up the buildings. Because of science.
  • Overclocking ability lets you see the world in slow-mo.
  • Brand new boss that jumps around a lot. Shhh, that's all we can say!
  • Hidden zombie planet. Go ahead, try to find it.
  • Over 50 gameplay, sound and interface improvements.
  • New platforme: Mac & Linux.


Title: Freaking Meatbags
Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Wild Factor
Plug In Digital
Release Date: 4 Feb, 2015


  • OS: Vista or higher
  • Processor: Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D card with 512 Mo memory
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 210 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Stéréo


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This game has been released from early access for quite a while now but it never really left. It's still a shambling mess of half finished ideas, barely balanced levels, and a poor user interface. It doesn't look like it's being updated which means it's never going to be good. That's a shame, because there are fun ideas here, but it'd take a good chunk more work to make them worth playing.. Since I can't leave a review on the store page for some unknown reason, I will post here. When I first decided to write a review I had every intention of criticizing the devs for releasing the game Early Access instead of just waiting until they had enough content. This was due to my own prejudice against companies that have been putting tech demos up on the store and charging full price. The truth is that Freaking Meatbags already has a good amount of content and many of the game's features. At $10 it's priced perfectly right now.

About the game itself;
The first thing you will notice is the humor. This is Douglas Adams meets Paranoia in the most flattering manner possible. The art is loveably cute and the writing is snappy and clever. It sets a different tone for what is essentially a RTS\/Tower Defense game with a mutation mechanic thrown in for extra fun. From the start it all just works.

The graphics are fitting for the current trend towards retro-glaucoma bitart. Everything is well crafted to be easily identifiable and often charming. This is a talented artist\/art director. I have not seen any artifacts or glitches. I can't wait to see more from them in the near future as more content is added.

Audio: Forgive me I had to play with the sound off since I couldn't stop playing through the night. From the looks of things I probably missed out on something great. I hope to update later today after I get some sleep.

Gameplay: As I said, it's basically an RTS- resource collection, build buildings, create units, set defenses but then it adds a tower defense element by throwing invasion waves at you. Each planet you land on gives you an increasing number of waves of attacking enemies. Sometimes a planet will be a special level instead(no spoilers!). The waves come from different directions and are made up of increasingly hard enemies and larger numbers. Finally, there is a DNA splicing element to the game. It's in the latest build but it's not completely "fleshed out"(sorry) yet since you don't have a ton of options for splicing but it looks like it will be really great addition once done.

Overall, the game is currently worth supporting. The direction of development seems consistent and the devs seem friendly. I am eager to try out the rest of the game as I have had several hours of addiction fueled bliss already. I am sleep deprived but I had to get a review up ASAP so that these guys will hopefully get the sales they deserve. There has been a flood of garbage on Steam recently but this isn't like all of that. Buy this and enjoy!
. Don't let the silly name fool you, this game combines RTS, TD, and RPG elements very well! Good Job. Adding my own review into this game to help support it. I would recommend buying this game if you like more than a simple tower defense. This game inputs many options and a variety of things to do in place of simply placing towers. You upgrade your 'meatbags', get drones for yourself, set up towers and place people in them that make the towers super powerful. It's simple, it's fun, it's an RTS tower defense, not sure what else to say.. This is a very fun little game with quite a bit of depth, persistent crew but it's marred with AI bugs that force you to restart a level (the characters cease to respond to orders).
Imagine a more tower defensy Command and Conquer where you WASD control the commander.
You WASD control a bot commander who is in a dire predicament for having been late to work by 0.01 seconds... yes it's quite goofy light hearted humor.
You command locals into mining resources that you then use to build defenses and other machines to save their lives and complete missions.
Whoever survived can be kept and deployed to the next level and that's important because each member of your crew level up to become mining expert\/tower buff or can be gene-spliced with local aliens to get laser eyes.
On top of that your commander can gather attack drones that turn it into a mobile battle station.
It's a lot of fun and when the dev fixes the AI it will be a must buy.

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