“FIFA 2016” is allegedly already in the works even though it has still been less than a year since its predecessor was released into the gaming market.Buy FIFA 14 Coins.

According to the rumor mill, fans of the huge game from Electronic Arts or EA, do not have to wait for so long for the next version.

According to Realty Today, “FIFA Coins” – PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 variants – is going to be out in September. Although rumors state that the game will be out later this year, Master Herald is convinced that EA will be unveiling it in the upcoming E3 conference, which has already been slated in June. Sadly, the company has yet to officially announce that “FIFA 2016,” otherwise coined as “FIFA 16” is going to be among the games that they will be launching at the event.

Thankfully for the fans, a report from FIFA Game News has given an estimated release date for “FIFA 2016” in North America, which will be on September 22. According to the report, gamers from other regions will also be getting their versions that same month, but with no specified date as of yet.

Sadly, it does not look like Brazil will be among the countries that will be getting the game on September. If what the report has insisted turn out to be true, then Brazilian “FIFA 2016” gamers will have to wait until October.

Inquisitr has also pointed out that the game will also be featuring a new story mode. This speculation came about after a special advertisement was posted on the career website of EA, as the company was reportedly looking for a narrative designer.

Another rumor that was posted in Full FIFA has stated that there will be an added violation in “FIFA 2016.” The Handball violation was not included in the game’s previous versions.

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