FIFA 20 Volta: What is the new 5-a-side mode & how is it different from FIFA Street?

FIFA 20 Volta: What is the new 5-a-side mode & how is it different from FIFA Street?

EA Sports are expanding their offering in the latest edition of the franchise, with street football becoming an option
fifa coins is set for a September release and fans of EA Sports' wildly popular football series are in for a treat with a fresh playing mode: Volta.
Having introduced the glamour of the UEFA Champions League in FIFA 19, the game's developers have risen to the challenge by taking another bold step forward.
With the release of FIFA 20 just a few months away, Goal takes a look at the all-new Volta mode, what it will involve and more.Volta, the Portuguese word for 'return', is EA Sports' latest innovation, which will allow FIFA players to take the game back to the streets, away from the familiar arenas of big clubs.
"For millions of people around the world, the streets are their stadium," said Volta producer Jeff Antwi when asked about the inspiration behind the introduction of the new game mode in FIFA 20.
"It's a return to street football for the FIFA franchise and we're really excited to be in places where street football is rooted.According to FIFA 20's creative director Matt Prior, the addition of street football was "one of the most-asked-for features" from those who play the game.
"Almost all of our consumers never have their first kick of a football in an 11v11 game," Prior told Goal.
"The roots of football start in the backyard, down at the park. It’s a part of football we haven’t previously had in the game, so we’re super excited to bring that aspect to FIFA."Want to buy mut 19 coins from

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