FIFA 20 Gameplay – What improvements are coming to FIFA 20?

FIFA 20 Gameplay – What improvements are coming to FIFA 20?

Ahead of the official ut 20 coins reveal, EA Sports has detailed a number of new gameplay updates to make matches more enjoyable and realistic. EA claims these changes have been influenced by fan feedback from FIFA 2019.

Here are the following major changes that EA Sports has prioritised:

Recent FIFA installments have felt like you’re constantly playing against a back four of van Dijks, no matter how skilled the opposition is at defending. This is because EA Sports significantly improved the AI Defending, so players didn’t really need to try very hard to keep a clean sheet.

EA Sports is looking to fix this issue by nerfing the AI defending, making computer-controlled team mates less likely to make a tackle or block. The AI also has slower reactions, so it can’t easily put an end to your Lionel Messi-esque dribbles into the box.

There have also been changes made to manual defending with an improved jockey system and a boosted chance of manual tackling resulting in the loose ball being kicked towards a team mate. This should encourage players to opt for manual defending instead of relying on the AI.

Every FIFA player knows the agony of sprinting past the last man only to be denied by the superhuman reflexes of an average goalkeeper. Just think of all the poor controllers that have been smashed up as a result.

EA Sports is looking to solve this by improving shooting accuracy and slowing down goalkeeper reactions in 1-on-1 situations. This should make it much easier to convert big goal scoring chances, and reduce the number of tedious stalemates.

Players with the ‘Outside of the Foot’ trait should also see a boost for this skill, so talented strikers will be better placed to bend a shot into the top corner of the net.Timed Finishing was a new mechanic introduced in FIFA 19 that allowed skilled players to use a green timing window to improve the accuracy of a shot. This is a risky option, as narrowly mistiming a shot sees you whack the ball up into the stands. This meant it was only really useful from a distance or at an awkward angle, as there’s little point risking it with an easy goalscoring opportunity.

However, fans of FIFA 19 complained the timed shot was too easy to pull off, and didn’t have enough risk factor. EA Sports has responded by reducing the frames available to pull of the timed shot, consequently making it more difficult.

Timed Shots will also be less accurate in FIFA 20, but they’ll still of course be more precise than a standard shot.if want know more cheap fut coins visit homepage

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