FIFA 20 First Play: What's New And What Has Changed In EA Sports' Latest Game?

FIFA 20 First Play: What's New And What Has Changed In EA Sports' Latest Game?

And already, with just a few hours of game-time under the belt, it's clear to see that EA have once again made several adjustments in order to switch things up from the previous edition of the game.
Here are just some of our key findings ahead of the official worldwide launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 27.

1. Slower game pace to cater for more build up

Immediately from your very first kick-off it's evident to see that cheap fifa 20 coins does feel different from FIFA 19 and a big part of that is the game being less hectic.

EA received feedback from players that the game was too crowded last year and one particular example clip shown by lead producer Sam Rivera in a presentation prompted him to utter the words, "That doesn't feel like football to me".

This year, there's a slower pace, new "football intelligence" and more of a focus on building up play as opposed to defence transitioning into attack in next-to-no time.

Not only does that help bring about authenticity and a more composed experience, it also favours those who are all about creating time and space with possession-based football.

2. Less AI involvement with defending

The presence of the AI in FIFA games, and specifically their inability to defend competently, is a massive source of frustration for players.So thankfully this year EA are reducing the amount of AI defensive support and instead concentrating on the user's defending. AI will of course still be a thing, but it will take a backseat and place the majority of the responsibility on the shoulders of the actual player.
3. Controlled tackling

Sticking with defending, major changes have been made to the tackling system in FIFA 20. A number of new tackling animations have been introduced for players to select and regain possession of the ball.

They say "timing is everything" and that applies here as a cleaner and more precise tackle is much more likely to see you win the ball back. Again it ties in with giving the user more control in regards to defensive play.

4. All new dribbling method

Skinning your opponents is undoubtedly one of the most fun elements of FIFA and so it's exciting to see that dribbling has been revitalised. Strafe dribbling, the new system brought in, is all about taking "stutter steps" before luring an opponent in and attempting to beat a more fut coins Click Here

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