FIFA 16 is a soccer game for football fans

The Online Seasons are essentially how you do head-to-head, but rather than just an overall record, it takes place over individual seasons of 10 games. This brings a different dynamic than other sports games, especially with the ability to do this as cooperative play with another online.  You can at least now temporarily create your dream team thanks to the addition of Ultimate Team draft. This allows you to FIFA 16 Coins draft a team from a selection of top-rated players and take control of them over the course of three matches.

While it s a nice way of trying out players without the patience required to normally acquire them in Ultimate Team, the three-match limit means the draft lacks the depth to make it little more than a mildly amusing novelty.  The server side to FIFA 16 Ultimate team is also distressing, having played this game on both PS4 and Xbox One I have on several occasions had games end due to EA server issues, one such time was getting to 3 game wins in online draft then during the fourth game being 1-0 up I was kicked from the game and had a loss counted against me. I can accept server errors will happen but when players are paying real money this should not be happening.

This issue is not contained to just the online modes in Ultimate team, Single player leagues, tournaments and single player draft all suffer the same issue. Servers have always been an issue in FIFA however FIFA 16 takes them to such an unreliable state that I have become completely untrustworthy of FIFA 15 Coins the mode as it has no respect for my time.  Overall, FIFA 16 is a soccer game for football fans, people who live in the minutia that exists on the back of sports trading cards. It is a game that pays respect to that dedication, and succeeds in doing it justice.

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