Previously, the emphasis was on SEO, but peculiar. It is called "it doesn’t matter what is in the text, the main thing is to bring the visitor . " Now, from the word SEO, ordinary people spit and believe that specialists in this field and copywriters who write to their tune should be betrayed by auto-dauph.

Now the emphasis needs to be placed on the expertness, rather than the SEO parameters of the text. Yes, all this nausea, spam, and so on still works (crooked). But people will just close the page and go to another. And if Yandex already openly admits that user factors are one of the key, then Google says that this is just one of the factors. But, as many experts have already noted, this “one of the factors” has a very noticeable effect on the issuance.

Therefore, it should be done so that the opinion is expert. Let a physician write about medicine, an auto mechanic about car repair. And the editor processes this whole thing so that it is more interesting to read and there are no errors, let him leave the terminology alone. The substitution of one word in some places can radically change the content. So after processing by the editor, do not forget to let the specialist see again. If he frowns, spits and clenches his fists, then something is wrong.


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