Earth Liberation: The Novel - Audiobook Download 12 Mb

Earth Liberation: The Novel - Audiobook Download 12 Mb

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One year before the game begins, in 2077, a reptile-like alien race called Khraster almost eliminates нumanity. We had no chance. We were unprepared. We couldn’t know. Or could we… Were there warnings from the ancient ages? “Earth Liberation: The Novel - Part 1” reveals the frightening depth of the in-game conflict by taking you back through Earth’s history. To the times called ‘primal’ by modern scientists. The price for such blindness was Earth. 7aa9394dea

Title: Earth Liberation: The Novel - Audiobook
Genre: Action, Strategy
PoRovoz Studios
PoRovoz Studios
Release Date: 28 Dec, 2016


The pretty difficult game has a number of characters - both human and alien. Getting to know them better in this audiobook was totally amazing. It certainly makes the game come much more alive, when you know what they are fighting for and who the heroes are. The audio chapters are more or less separate stories from the years before the game starts, when the aliens arrived. Explains the origin of the superpowers of the heroes and where they came from, as well as the alien and their reasons for the invasion. The amulets (nanomachines) grant certain abilities to the wielders (our heroes) and they have started the earth liberation. More powerful than the regular players, but can't be permitted to be killed, forcing you to restart the mission.

Great with background information about the game and its characters. Audiobook is pretty good in spoken english.
If you have the game and want to understand what's going on? - this audiobook provides invaluable help.
More chapters are promised to be added. I rekommend the sci fi\/fantasy audiobook warmly.

SPOILER ALERT? The alien characters haven't shown up in the game missions yet, but here's a first glimpse of the alien society, not just waves of attacking monsters. Gives the score a boost to 8\/10 for giving some serious future expectations to see more great stuff in the game as it's developed.

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