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12 additional stages will be added to FREE MODE in which new powerful versions of all 77 weapon types will be available to acquire.
Stages will be added to the DLC under the applicable Kingdom name.

Weapons types;
Horsehair Whip, Flail, Dragon Spear, Double Pike, Great Axe, Twin Rods, Extension Blade, Dagger-axe, Double-edge Trident, Flying Swords, Crossbow, Dual-headed Mace, Javelin, Podao, Wheels, Nine Rings Blade, Crescent Blade, Twin Swords, Dual Blade, Shadow Fan, Iron Fan, Gloves, Chain & Sickle, Sword & Shield, Short Pike, Throwing Axes.Swallow Swords, Chain Whip, Spiked Shield, Arm Blade, Sword, Great Sword, Flute, Striking Sword, Siege Spear, Boomerang, Spinner, Sword & Hook, Flail Sword, Axe, War Fan, Club, Pike, Tonfa, Spear, Bomb, Harp, Throwing Knives, Brush, Nunchaku, Mace, Talisman Cards, Twin Axes, Staff, Bow & Rod, Curved Sword, Bow, Shaman Rod, Lightning Sword, Short Rods, Circle Blade, Trishula, Dual Hookblades, Rake, Wired Gloves, General's Sword, Halberd, Claws, Three Sectional Staff, Double Voulge, Pugil Stick, Lance, Arm Cannon, Rapier, Orb & Scepter, Wheeled Halberd, Wing Blades. 7ad7b8b382

Genre: Action
Release Date: 6 Aug, 2014


  • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Processor: Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz or better
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 or better
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Sound Card: Standard audio device


dw8xlce - powerful weapon pack

good weapon, but i just got 72 weapon form 77, i play DLC stage repeatly still not get this weapon, 5 left weapon. nice dlc i like this soo much. so been playing the last 4 hours still ant seen the power wepons i payed for wtf. As explained in the description, this pack contains a total of 77 weapons, but DOES NOT include 5 types of weapons from characters only available in DW8 Xtreme Legends (Yu Jin, Zhu Ran, Fa Zheng, Chen Gong, and Lu Lingqi).

To get these weapons, all you need to do is to play short 12 DLC stages added to the game after purchasing this pack in free mode, and kill all the officer that appears in each stage.

Even if there are a total of 5 weapons that does not appear in the game, I personally reccomend this pack as it allows us the opportunity to get 77 NEW 5* weapons very easily. this 5* weapons are stronger than the vanilla 5* weapons and are the second strongest weapons in the game, just after the 6* star weapons. it can also help new players as the weapons can be used very early in the game.. I can't find the DLC. Quite frustrating. Bought it and it's nowhere to be found.
. A great pack IMO, while you can get more powerful items in game, it will take a lot of farming, This pack is a nice start to help you get there.

There may be a little randomness in the drops, Ive done all 12 stages and have not got all weapons. (but most are definatly there) got mine doing free mode on normal difficulty.

they also seem to drop the lower version rares more than other levels.

good skins, and usable with the blacksmith to customize.
. This pack has some awesome gear that being said this pack gives out level 5 weapons, you can get other level 5 and or level 6 weapons in the game by default so yeah. If you like the models be my guest they are pretty nice.

As for the 12 stages that come along with this pack they take around 5-15 minutes a piece or 1-3hours to complete in total depending on how fast you are and what difficulty you play at(i play on hard, lesser difficulties likely take longer).

The models are great and the weapons are great sadly they get outdone by the vanilla content.

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