Doggy Grooming is an art that needs to be mastered. You cannot be a good Dog Grooming Guide without having good grooming skills as well. Doggy Grooming is an important part of your dog's life and it is always best if you learn as much as you can about how to groom a dog.

There are some basics that every owner should know before grooming their dog's coat. Dogs cannot speak to what they want. Therefore, what they want is not always what you want for them. The dog will get sick if you do not give them a bath or brush their hair for grooming.

First of all, take the time to measure the length of the dog's hair. This is very important. You will need to determine the circumference of the pet so that you know what brush to use. It is always best to use a round brush when you groom your dog.

You can use a comb to remove tangles from your dog's hair before you brush it. If you only have the time to brush your dog's hair once a week, then you should brush the hair on the first day and then comb it the next day. This is how you keep your dog's hair neat and in order.

When you comb your dog's hair, make sure that you are using a wide toothed comb. When you get a brush, always use a wide toothed comb. This is the only way to make sure that your dog's hair is properly brushed.

When you are brushing your dog, be sure that you are always gentle. Do not hit your dog with the brush. This can make the dog uncomfortable.

Whenyou start brushing your dog's neck, you should start at the base of the dog's neck and work your way up. This is the easiest part of the grooming process, because you can simply reach the dog's neck and brush it without having to do any of the work on the ground.

Another area that you should brush is the dog's jaw. Start at the top of the dog's head and work your way down. Start at the dogs back and make your way up to its muzzle.

When you begin to comb your dog's mouth, it is important that you gently massage the dog's jaw. Take your time and do not be afraid to rub the dog's teeth. If the dog is scared, this will help comfort the dog.

When you start to brush your dog's ears, make sure that you pay attention to where you are brushing your dog. Be sure that you do not brush past the dog's ear. Just keep it behind the dog.

Once you have brushed your dog's eyes, brush his nose too. Your dog's nose is the most sensitive part of the face. You do not want to irritate the dog when you start to brush his nose.

Lastly, when you are brushing your dog's ears, make sure that you keep it dry. You do not want your dog to be bothered by the fact that his ears are wet. After you are done with the ears, you can move on to the rest of his body.

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