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The Dissembler soundtrack, by Paws Menu (Michael Berto), is a set of 12 minimalist and contemplative Marimba pieces.

This DLC consists of the following 12 tracks in mp3 format and an album cover. The track names come from the internal 2-letter codes used to refer to the levels that inspired the tracks:

  • 1. FW (2:02)
  • 2. IB (1:53)
  • 3. FQ (1:38)
  • 4. AY (1:38)
  • 5. EC (1:38)
  • 6. IF (0:58)
  • 7. GO (1:50)
  • 8. CN (0:58)
  • 9. DJ (1:38)
  • 10. DV (2:24)
  • 11. CZ (1:24)
  • 12. IO (1:22)

The files will be downloaded to the game's installation directory. To access the files open Steam and right-click on the game in your library. Then click "LOCAL FILES" and "BROWSE LOCAL FILES...". They are in the "Soundtrack" folder. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Dissembler Soundtrack
Genre: Casual, Indie
Ian MacLarty
Ian MacLarty
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2018


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