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"It’s a story about guilt, sacrifice and the love of wildlife…"

Deer Man is a short Interactive storytelling experience. In the winters of 2015, 5d3b920ae0

Title: Deer Man
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Red Mount Media, Antarsoft
Red Mount Media
Release Date: 11 Apr, 2016

English,Russian,Simplified Chinese

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Pros: It's very, very short Cons: Terrible controls, even considering extremely simplistic gameplay. Pointless collectibles Horrible, dreadfully dull story and writing.. Yeah it's a pretty short story (game takes about 30 minutes because you're exploring and looking for stuff, but the story itself is much less than that). And the controls are absolutely terrible and not always responsive. You open a container to see clothes inside, you pick up an axe, you re-arrange deer paintings on the wall. I have no idea why I did those things other than give you busy work in a game. You collect freaking antlers! However, the story is actually good. And the atmosphere the game creates in such a short period is also not just good, but immersive (which VR titles should be). You start running along and you feel like the you are the protaganist in the story. Spoiler alert: I felt like Deer Man, I got why I, as the protaganist would feel a sense of keeping up the ethos of the Deer man You don't have to agree with the moral of the story. But I bet if you experienced this game, you will understand the moral of the story. And you will understand why the author is so passionate about it. You'll feel something. And I just have to recommend this game based on the low price and how it makes you feel something. There's definitely more than $2 entertainment value here. Rating 6/10 .. The Deer Man is a short tale told in four chapters. It begins as a suspense mystery but contorts into something very different along the way. We play through the memories of our protagonist; each chapter a short vignette told through a mixture of narration and exploration. The whole game takes place in a stark monochromatic woodland, populated by deer and the eponymous Deer Man creature. It manages to exude bags of character with very limited resources. I liked the lo-fi quality of the graphics; never being too certain what lies ahead in the foggy wood helps to keep things tense. The soundtrack is beautiful. While limited to only a handful of fairly short pieces, the music is very emotive, and combined with the black and white world, really transported me to another place. Black and white graphics, black and white keys on a piano. Hmm, I see. I tried playing with a gamepad at first, but that was a big no no. Think some sensitivity issues were being had. Mouse and keyboard was fine. It's not the best story I ever heard told, but how the story unfolds around the character made for an enjoyable three quarter hour diversion from my own non deer filled reality. (Extra time for 100% completion). This game will not be for everyone. It's a walking simulator for a start, not a hyper fast FPS. Be aware of that going in and you can't be too surprised by the ponderous pace. A lack of action and a lack of colour may make this a little too monotonous for some (literally and figuratively)! Also I should say that the message in this story will not ring true for everyone. If one were to really critically pick it apart, it's borderline ridiculous (but actually not altogether unbelievable). I think this is generally true of most stories. Hell, even real life stories are often ridiculous when recounted. If like me you happily accept things as they are presented to you, with an open and earnest mind, then you will enjoy this just fine. Within the world that has been crafted here, everything makes perfect sense. At full price this is a fair trade. At 70% off in the Lunar Sale this is a steal. Support indie developers; save the deer.. This game is nice. Good music, kinda tense moment in the story. But I don't really dig its message. It feels kinda forced.. The most immersive experience in a game i have ever had. Stunning.. Extremely short but charming little interactive story with a poignant message to get across.. Im actually somewhat upset. The gameplay and environment were beautiful in their simplicity, but I cannot like the story. As a hunter, I have the depest respect for wildlife and this game guilts that way of life. I understand that not evey hunter is moral but this game made every hunter out to be a villian.

Your opinion matters! : Hello Guys, It's been a while since we launched Deer Man. It was our first storytelling game, we did try our best to make it as exciting as possible. We would like to thank you for buying the game, playing the game and supporting us with your feedback. We got super strong criticism and honest opinion about Deer Man, as you know making an indie game with the lowest budget possible, it isn't easy and we did work about 9 - 10 months on Deer Man before it was finally released. We would like to know from you: What mistake do you think we can avoid in your next game? Please help us focus on our mistakes by pointing them out and we would like to make sure, we never do crazy mistakes again. In few weeks, we will announce our next project which already has been under development since 10 months :D Thank you, Team Red Red Mouont Media []. Deer Man now available in Chinese & Russian + Achievements! : Hello Guys, We are happy to announce 'Deer Man' is now available in the following languages: Chinese: User Interface + Subtitles Russian: User Interface + Subtitles English: Full Audio + User Interface + Subtitles And. 4 Achievements to unlock! We hope you enjoy the game and have fun, Team Red Note: Please if you find any bugs report at Big update on the way! : Hello Everyone, We are happy to be here with our first title on Steam and we hope you like our short interactive storytelling experience. Moving forward, we would like to let you know about our plans for the next weeks big update: In next weeks update Deer Man will have: Mac & Linux Build Achievements & Trading Cards Chinese, German, Russian ( UI / Subtitles - Language Support) HTC Vive (VR Headset Support) DLC Official Soundtrack by Mahesh Raghvan We really hope that you will enjoy the experience and looking forward to have your feedback. If you find any bugs, please report them at Thank you and enjoy the experience! Red Mount Media []. Ellen - 2D Pixel Art Horror Game : Hello Guys, As you know I have been away for about 2 years but all this time I have been working on my next big project with a super talented team. I would like to introduce you to my next project: Ellen is now live on Steam! This is a significant jump from Deer Man and I hope that you will like the game. Ellen is now 40% off on Steam and will go back to it's original price $9.99 after one week. Time to get it and have a spooky weekend ^^ I'm happy to speak with you all whenever you have time, say Hello! P.S.. Deer Man in Chinese & Russian (UI + Subtitles) : Hello Guys, We are happy to let you know, in next few days Deer Man will be available in both Chinese & Russian language. We have been working hard for the past few days to have the whole UI (User Interface) & the Subtitles in both Chinese & Russian. Screenshots / Chinese: Menu [] In-Game [] Screenshots / Russian: Menu [] In-Game [] There are some last minute touches to be done, also after hearing the people who bought the game and taking their suggestion into consideration we are doing few fixes in the game too. We will let you know as the new update goes live! That is all for now and can't wait to announce the new update. We are always looking forward to hear from ya'll so that we have the best of experience for the players.

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