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Title: Decent Icons
Genre: Design & Illustration, Utilities
Decent Software LLC
Decent Software LLC
Release Date: 18 Dec, 2017


  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM


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I was really looking forward to using this software to make my desktop a bit more special, but it was very disappointing. So my first problem started in multiple screen mode, in which the highlighting and starting of programmes was very laggy. My second problem was adding images from my games to DI since it would always just put the image on some random game my mouse wasn't even pointing at. So I have requested a refund I will maybe check back on to this software in the future if it got some extra improvements.. Didnt like this myself, It came in a bundle, and isnt a program Id have gone out of my way to purchase and use, Why install and run a game launcher from within another game launcher? - (Steam itself). I have a LOT of games in my library so I chose to try this utility in my gaming laptop which does not have every game in my library installed, but just a selection of what I think are the better games in my collection. Even with the reduced number - 121 games, as opposed to 2548 steam and none-steam games, I found it to be very laggy, jerky and inflexible. ( I can only imagine how it would struggle to cope with ALL my installed games on my main PC, itd probably have an eppy). The scrolling did not seem smooth at all, and the speed of updating any global changes, was very slow. Also, there are no options for grouping games into genres or folders of any type*, its just one dock that lists and scrolls through the entire selection. I noticed other issues as well, for reasons of its own it decided to double up on certain games so it showed 2 (or more) identical icons for each game. Im guessing this is because it just looks for .exe files within the steam game directory, and if there are more than one, ( e.g. for directX 9 or 10 versions ), then it treats them as 2 separate games, ( which both have the same metadata. ). I really wish Steam had a middle option for review rating, I wasnt keen on this, but you may like it. if you just want a simple interface for launching a few of your most played, or favorite games then this would fit the bill. I just think it falls down if you want it to handle a larger library. Because Im feeling magnamanous, (and its Xmas) Im going to rate it as recommended, even if my review seems to be picking at its faults. Looking at other peoples creations in the forum, you CAN build very snazzy looking launch screens and icons, I just didnt delve deep enough to see how because I was put off by the performance issues I saw. And Im probably too lazy to do the work needed to modify each and every icon to my taste. Soooo, - recommended. * I understand this has been added in the new beta.. Good: -Very good aspect for your desktop.. If you think your desktop icons looks likeu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665 and you want to make them better or just accommodate them, then this software is for you.. Why you stop support your product? I really liked it and I'm waiting for updates. Very good programm Please, make more highlight colors. i opened one of my app and continuously crashed :(

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