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About This Game

Dark Quest 2 is a turn based RPG inspired by legendary board game Hero Quest. The game features a party based system where you control a group of heroes, an isometric hand-drawn art style, dice based mechanics and much more.

Each map is designed to take you through an adventure that will test your party's strength, courage and sanity as you go deeper and deeper into the castle in search for the chambers of the evil sorcerer.


  • Single-Player Campaign: Play a story driven campaign that takes you through a series of adventure on your epic quest to defeat the evil sorcerer.
  • Map Editor: Create new adventures and distribute them through steamworks
  • Multiplayer: Play together with your friends and complete the campaign cooperatively!
  • Turn Based Mechanics: Every turn each of your heroes in your party can take one single action. Play wise and carefully or fall captive in the eternal prison of the sorcerer.
  • Skull of Fate: In the darkest dungeons of the castle, when left with no hope your last and only way out will be to roll the skull of fate and reveal your twisted fate.
  • Assemble a Party: Control a group of heroes each with their own personality and strengths. Use the unique strengths of each character and work together to defeat the minions of the evil sorcerer.
  • Enter a world of fantasy and adventure: Explore twisted mazes, find hidden doors and fight bloodthirsty orcs!
  • Village: Stay with the old masters and learn new powers, craft new weapons and mix potions that improve the capabilities of your heroes.

Games/Board games that inspired us:

  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Dungeon Saga
  • Hero Quest
  • Talisman
  • Warhammer Quest

Title: Dark Quest 2
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
Brain Seal Ltd
Brain Seal Ltd
Release Date: 6 Mar, 2018


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Hero Quest in a PC game.
Best thing ever! 10/10 Would buy anything related to it.
We need DLC's and maps and characters (eventhough it has 6 already)
Amazing game. If you like Hero Quest, this must be in your collection.. I quite liked the first one for being overly simple and straight forward but this has to be the most boring game I've ever played EVER. Got to mission 5 or so before I decided to stop playing before I go into a coma. Overall: fairly simple, plenty of fun choices and cool moments when your tactical use of skills pays off.

In Dark Quest 2 you take a party of heroes through a series of dungeons, each made up of a series of rooms, and slaughter lots of nasty monsters in turn-based combat. There are a nice variety of encounters, twice as many heroes available as you can generally take into a dungeon so you can choose your party composition, and a bunch of items and potions to customise your heroes for different strategies. Each hero also has a selection of useful skills learned using a shared resource for additional choice. Shoutout to my Barbarian who failed his 80% courage test every single time. There were a few minor annoyances\/bugs, but nothing serious enough (on Normal difficulty anyway) to stop me recommending the game.. If you have itch for the old table top dungeon crawl boxed games this will scratch that itch for you quite nicely. Simple rules,with in depth tactics.. Very interesting a exploring game, I like it very much.Design inside a lot of interesting levels, different maps, very beautiful.. Gameplay is easy to pickup and the game provides a challenge even on Easy level. Pixel Art topnotch for me. Quite fun.. Its like playing Hero Quest but not very exciting, ive been playing MP but if you plan to play 4 players, forget it. I wanted to love this game. Huge fan of Hero Quest, still own the board game =D

For me the game breaker is the fact that when replaying a mission, the mission gets harder. More monsters/traps/ect.

How do you farm a previous mission to get stronger for the next, when the previous mission itself is vamped up so heavy?

Example, mission #3, first room, one bad encounter with 3 mage, 2 warriors, and an assassin mostly wiped the party outright, barbarian is left with 2 hp, so party throws up the white flag and hoofs it back to town. Not enough gold to revive and heal everyone. So we try and take the revived archer and the wounded barb on mission #2, That way we can earn some gold and revive the dwarf. And actually afford to sleep at the inn.

Mission #2 is now harder since we beat it once. Every room has more mobs and there are extra traps to trigger as well. The archer and barbarian do not make it. So one bad encounter basically ended the game. It was impossible to recover from an almost party wipe, even in the early game.

I don't understand the idea of making prior missions harder and harder every time it's played. How is someone supposed to recover from a bad adventure? I didn't like this aspect of the game at all and feel it ruins it.

Also as noted on other posts, why doesn't the hero that notices a trap on the floor, STOP? Would any adventurer you know keep walking over a trap they noticed before stepping on it?

Multiplayer is limited to one character each, any reasons? Why can't we control up to two each for a full party?

This could be a nice little game, but it needs work.. Fun easy and simple little gem of a game. Well worth the $6.50 I paid for it. It reminds me on the board game Hero Quest. Well done who ever made this game. Two thumbs up

Update 12: Flies N' Finance:


Hello miners! We’re back in the saddle after some lovely summer vacation and have cranked out a new patch for you. In response to all the hot weather we’ve been having, we figured the obvious thing to do was add an ice biome. Right?


Happy Holidays Miners!. Roadmap Update - April 2019:

Hello, Miners!. Hot fix 1 & 2 for Update 9:
Hi all,

We have just rolled out a quick hot fix for Update 9 addressing some crash issues. We are still monitoring the situation and will react if we see more.

- Fix various crashes, especially related to joining games in progress
- Fixed Time not displayed in Server list (it just stated Space Rig)

UPDATE: Hot fix 2 is now live.

- Fixed some more reported crashes
- Fixed wrong calculation on Primary and Secondary objective complete payouts

Please note that games across different versions of the game can not connect to each other. So until a majory has updated, you might see a lot fewer servers than before.. Update 4 Hot Fix 2:
A few more quick fixes to the current build

- Added filtering options on server list
- Added pad lock icons for password protected servers on server list
- Fix for not being able to die while carrying gem
- Ammo counter less confusing for some weapons/items
- Fixed sentry gun build text always visible after late join


Note: Most of the development team is now taking a few weeks of summer-vacation, so this will be the last Hot Fix for now.

Have a nice summer :-)

. Update 13: Minor Life Changes:

Hey Miners!. Hotfix 1 for Update 12:
Hi Miners,. Roadmap Update:

Hello, Miners!

Our surveys have told us for a long time that you wanted deeper character progression and a choice of loadout. We didn't anticipate just how much you guys wanted it!

This quickly became clear to us, though - as Update 19 went live, we saw a huge increase in concurrent players, reaching a peak we haven't reached in the last 9 months! That's beyond awesome, and it makes the extra effort we put into Update 19 feel very much worth it. You guys continue to humble and amaze us. :)

While that's all good, it did have some consequences for the roadmap. The wake of Update 19 can still be felt in the office, as we're right now hard at work getting ALL the existing gear and tools to work with the new Upgrade / Mod system, as well as finishing up the graphical overhaul for the remaining old models. So, to allow us to get this properly finished, we've had to push the next updates a bit. The revised Roadmap image above illustrates this, as well as several other additions/tweaks.

"Daily Adventures" needs a special mention here, as we have pushed this feature several times already. This is the last of the big, system-changing features in the currently scheduled roadmap (so not counting the Then-Maybe section) and we want to get it right rather than rushing the release of it. On top of that, the extra time is also extremely valuable to us in that it allows us to gather a lot more data and feedback on the recently added Assignment, Promotion and Weapon Modification systems.

Later today, Experimental Build for Update 20 should go live, and we expect Update 20 to release early next week - hopefully Tuesday the 18th, just in time for the Holidays.

Rock and Stone!

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