Creeper World 2: Anniversary Edition Torrent Full

Creeper World 2: Anniversary Edition Torrent Full

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Yes, this is your grandfather's Creeper World 2. Now on Steam and with two new and amazing soundtracks from Finn M-K, the composer who did the OST scores 5d3b920ae0

Title: Creeper World 2: Anniversary Edition
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Knuckle Cracker
Knuckle Cracker
Release Date: 16 Nov, 2016


  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: Dual Core 2Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphi


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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. In my opinion, Creeper World 2 is better than CW3. This is unexpected - prior to playing CW2, I had serious doubts about CW2's side-view perspective, as opposed to the top-down view of CW1, CW3 and PF. However, the side-view, combined with the tactical balance between empty-space and filled space (dirt), provide more interesting tactical choices. Gameplay is deeper and richer. Your units and the creeper can occupy empty space. Filled space (dirt) forms a barrier blocking both your units and the creeper. However, you can choose to remove most of the dirt. Most of the tactical challenge comes from deciding which dirt to remove, and when, and then building your economy in the space you create by removing dirt. I would rank all four Knucklecracker games as follows: CW2 > CW3 > PF > CW1.. I really like Creeper World. I understand that you have to change the game to keep interests high. I like this change about as much as the change between Zelda and Zelda 2: Link's Adventure. That's a solid "I see where you were going, but this is a poor choice and I am glad you went back to what works with the third installment.". It's a different approach and different gameplay comparing to cw1 and cw3 but its still good and refreshing. Also it can get challenging sometimes and forces you to think and come up with different solutions which is fun. Another good game overall just like other CW games.. Another classic I played many times on . This takes the concept from the first game and gives you a sideview perspective rather than a top down, and it also adds new toys to destroy Creeper with. The missions get progressively harder as you go on and you aren't always allowed the luxury of consolidating your power before going on the offensive. It's a tactical and strategic masterpiece of a game wherein it seems simple on the surface but becomes very complex as the game goes on. Furthermore you learn to anticipate the unexpected and make ready for it. You also learn to restrain your desire to build everything at once and maximize your energy usage to build more efficiently to deal with rampages, particularly the drones that spawn on the later maps. Probably one of the best additions to the game that wasn't present in the original was the inclusion of conversion bombs, which allow you to turn pools of creeper into your own anti-creeper lakes. This can come in extraordinarily handy at times, though the missions that this wonderful tool exists are counted on the fingers of one hand. Still, the thing that really made this game different from the first other than the perspective was the inclusion of the Nullifier weapon which lets you destroy the Creeper Emitters and spawn-gates for the drones and phantoms. No longer do you just have to perform lockdown, now you can actually destroy the sources directly. All in all, it is a fun game that will eat up a ton of your free time and not leave you feeling like you didn't do anything, unlike some games. It's not a job, it's not a chore, it's a challenge. A challenge of your skill and adaptivity. It definitely doesn't disappoint and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something fun and frustrating at the same time. You'll be glad you bought this little gem. The soundtrack is also very fitting and driving like the first game, but even more so. It's rare to find a game that has very few flaws. Well-balanced, well thought out, and more than meets the eye best describes it. There's even a code mode which lets you run random maps after you finish the story and the bonus missions, so on top of the hours you'll sink into conquering the Creeper you'll have more to do if you're interested in continuing with this experience. This has always been one of my favorites that I kept going back to, and with the Anniversay Edition you're getting the full story for the campaign, better writing, and a great game for a reasonable price.. Creeper World 2 is really fun to play. As a kid Creeper World 1 and 2 was my childhood games. Even though I am older it is still really fun to play. I really recommend this game.. In addition to having a different viewpoint and mechanics to the first game, this game is also a lot harder. The story missions ratchet up in difficulty after level 16, to the point where the Bonus missions are actually easier than the final few story missions. The Bonus missions also don't increase linearly in difficulty -- some of the later ones are more about showing interesting mechanics than being hard, which I was thankful for. I did like the tactics necessary in Barbarian Hordes and Shields Up!, though. I liked how some missions forced you into certain strategies -- 13 had to be rushed, while 18 had to be turtled. I didn't like you pretty much had to restart to see how some missions were going to go down -- where the creeper went (18: The Tide) or how strong and numerous the drones were (Barbarian Hordes). Overall though, it was a lot of fun, and cheap for the time. There are also lots of user-created maps, but I couldn't find a way to sort by ranking. Most are also very well-rated, so it might be hard to find the better ones in there.. Loved Creeper World 3 so I bought 1 and 2 to get the whole backstory. Unfortunately I will not be getting the backstory as the second last level is either broken or far beyond my capability to complete. At 4 minutes and 13 seconds in an NPC bunker is destroyed every time; thereby ending my playthrough. I'm unable to find any videos where someone has managed to save that bunker in 4 minutes 13 seconds or less, so I can only assume that the game is broken.. Creeper world 2 is probably the weakest of the three games. To cut it short, honestly. I am happy with it. All three creeper world games are great. They're fun, they're all unique but this one is a bit too unique. To make it clear I love it, it's not bad, it is not bad,. Seriously, it's good. Check it out. My reasoning is the follwing: Creeper world was ground breaking, introduced the creeper which was unique and very interesting in how it functioned. The totems, the urgency to escape, the need to survive. In the last game you won, you should know this. But the creeper here unlike the last game though, the scale of the maps are not planetary but it's more as if you're looking into the ground from the side? And this goes for the units and the overall layout, which in an odd stray from the original formula, Is more like a true to be tower defense angle I suppose, but instead of top down it's like . Imagine cutting an entire chunk out of a minecraft world and then surrounding it with glass up to the sky, I guess? Basically it's like an X-ray shot half way into the ground. Instead of odin city, you pilot a ship which allows you to build infrastructure to fight the creeper like in the first game but. it's just weird compared to either of the other titles. It's hard to describe too but it's definitely fun and worth the money. I don't really uh. have much else to say. It's good, by all means. Pros: Great sound track, unique gameplay, good story, interesting characters and lore and a lot more Cons: Strays from the original formula, is difficult to work with at times and can take multiple tries at a level before figuring out a solution to fix it such as the 'time attack' esque levels. It's much more stressful and strategy based. You can't exactly abuse units like in the first game. Overall I suggest it heavily all the same just like the previous installment and the next one as well.. Fun gameplay mechanic with an interesting story. Campaign length is good with satisfying difficulty curve near the end.

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