College essay format – things to know

Although there are several types of essays that students are asked to write in their course of study, a college essay should follow a particular format as it is aimed at gauging students’ competencies. In many cases, students are asked to adhere to specific writing standards. A failure to do that usually results in a failing grade. These are requirements such as font type, font size, side margins, cover page design, indentation, paging, and spacing.

Apart from these, the general rule in writing is that every work starts with an introduction, followed by the body, and ends with the conclusion. The first part introduces the work and houses the research problem. In the body, part ideas are discussed at length, and in conclusion, the examined ideas are summarized, and certain conclusions are made.

Understanding the research question

The first step in writing a college essay is to understand the topic of discussion. If you feel like you fail to comprehend the concept, you can ask for writing help at one of the positively reviewed sites rather than messing things up.


Once you have understood the topic, you can now brainstorm to generate ideas. To some, this is the hardest part, but if you get it right, the rest will fall in its place. Every generated idea should be documented so that you can either include it into your discussion or omit it completely if it fails to fit the general context of your essay.

Layout plan

You should also come up with a layout plan to avoid altering your essay’s structure midway. If you don’t know how to develop one, you can check for sample layouts at reviews to guide you through the process.

Writing structure

    • Once you are through with brainstorming and have developed an outline, start making your opening remarks, state your research problem, and justify the purpose of your study.
    • From here, give an overview of the problem and provide any figures and statistics available to support your case.
    • Since college essays are short, make concise arguments and back them well with evidence, as recommend by online writing service.
  • Break your work into paragraphs as they enhance its readability.
  • Once you are done with the body part, conclude your discussion by restating the key points discussed and make inferences based on the above as readers want to see if they can come up with similar conclusions.
  • After concluding your work, create another separate page and add all sources of information you have cited and depending on the formatting style used, the page could be named ‘Reference page’ for APA or ‘Works cited’ for MLA.

Proof-reading and formatting

The last stage in essay writing is formatting the work according to the requirements you have been given. This also involves editing typos and correcting grammatical mistakes therein. You could have written a very brilliant article, but if you fail to edit and proofread it well, its flow is lost, and your grade will be affected accordingly.

Also, ensure you have used the correct formatting type and font size, and that the cover page is designed as expected. Ordinarily, it should have your name, course, lecturer’s name, and submission date.

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